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Print media has stood the test of time as an integral part in marketing and advertising. Sure, any graphic design company can design nice promotional print media such as brochures, booklets, catalogs, direct mail advertisements and so on but only the best and most creative graphic design firms can help you stand out in a crowd of standard and low class design.
If you are company in Eat Africa, be it in Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda, you need to identify and excite the senses of your target audience. This means using high-quality materials in your print media, using innovative paper, attractive high-quality inks, and special coatings & glass-patterns (also called spot varnish). This is the only way to make your printed peice stunning and powerful enough to have a lasting impression and inspire your audience to action. Otherwise, your collateral will simply be discarded without a second glance.

Graphic Design Solutions for Print Media in East Africa

Prices for Print and graphic Design vary by size and complexity of the design. We will also work with you to develop a draft and selection for outstanding materials, provide you with samples and develop a proposal for your project, including the cost of materials and printing. Publishing figures and details are also optionally provided once we start working on your project together.