Does your website need a Redesign?

Website Redesigning East Africa

How often should we redesign our company website?

Is your website fresh and up to date? Is your website user-friendly? Can your web visitors navigate around your site easily in order to find what they are looking for? Does your current website give a professional business image? Why do businesses need a website or evena re-design of their website? How often should we redesign our company website? The easy answer is, “more often than you think.”
Websites are actually your companies most important product – a showcase for your companies products/services. Your website should be continually changing. Just as your company image needs keeping up to date and fresh and your products/services grow – then it follows that your website needs to reflect these changes.
Your website may be working fine but are you sure that as technolgy has “moved forward” you are making best use of your website. Have you thought about new business and web trends which may have changed very rapidly. Both in terms of design and technology your website may need to be reevaluated to ensure that the design and content isstill professionally appealing to your web visitors.
New versions of browsers may require changes in your web design to allow your website to take advantage of different features which are available. Web visitors will notice whether or not your website reflects the trend changes, colour schemes, fonts, layout, web design styles which are popular at this time.
It is advisable to reevaluate your site design quite frequently. If it’s a been a year since you’ve made major changes to your site, you’re site is past due for an overhaul. Whatever your business goals are, prospering in today’s marketplace requires an up to date Internet presence. Establishing and retaining and updating your company’s Internet presence will be one of the most important steps you take to ensure continuity of success.
An evaluation or rebuild of your website will also give you a chance to sharpen the focus of your website.

Have you got an existing web site that’s looking stale and out-of-date?

If so, why not upgrade your site with a new look, or simply with up-to-date material so that web visitors can recognise that information is current.The success and failure of your business may determined by the quality of your website.
To give a professional, fresh and active look to the website your web pages should be appealing. It may be that the website navigation needs to be made more effective, old obsolete information needs to be deleted. It may be that as technolgy has moved on you can provide more interactivity via your website – perhaps you would like to add flash movies or display online demonsrtations of your products/services. Perhaps your website simply does not give enough upto date information about your company and its latest prodycts/services.

First Impressions Count? What first impression does your website convey?

You only have 3-5 seconds to impress a potential new customer, if your website appears old, outdated or doesn’t work properly, then chances are you have just lost a customer. Have you changed your branding identity or taken on new products or services. Perhaps you have changed location or telephone and fax numbers etc. Have you had the same website and content for longer than you can remember? Has your current website not had many visitors or more importantly perhaps you dont even knowhow many visitors your website has attracted?
If any of the above statements applies to you – then you may like to take advantage of our Free Website Evaluation Service. Let us take a look at your website andd suggest ways in which your website could be more successful for your company.