Infinity360 Media East Africa strives to provide you with professional photography services of the highest quality and standards at an affordable price in the whole of the East African Countries (Kenya, Tanzania Uganda).

Wildlife photography is our forte but we also love to work with people to whom family, memories, relationships and emotions are the main important valued factor for example wedding photography.

After your wedding, you will have several tangible treasures forever: your rings and your photographs. When choosing your wedding photographer, you are investing not just rands and cents, but also your own time (and your family’s) on the wedding day. That is why you should not settle on the most economical photographer, but seek out a skilled artisan whose style matches your vision of your wedding day, one who has an eye for images that you will enjoy for many years to come.

As experienced photographers in Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Serengeti, Ngorongoro -Tanzania, Zanzibar, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda, we do not only specialize in wildlife and wedding photography but also focus on and practice in other areas of photography.

If you’re holding an event anywhere within East Africa and beyond, there is only one thing that holds your memories, the photographs. You will want to have these memories to keep, so you need an experienced photography team to ensure that the photographs capture your event in memories that you will have for a lifetime!

Our photography coverage includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Wildlife Photography
  2. Wedding Photography
  3. Retirement celebrations
  4. Anniversary celebrations
  5. Ladies evenings
  6. Matric Farewell
  7. Black Tie function
  8. Christenings / Dedications
  9. Engagement celebrations
  10. Birthday parties
  11. Corporate Functions
  12. Product launches
  13. Maternity photography
  14. Pregnancy photography
  15. Boudoir Photography

Wildlife Photography

At Infinity360 Media East Africa, we have a huge passion for the photography of wildlife. We have been seriously photographing nature for quite some time now. To us, being out in the wild with cameras is one of the most peaceful and satisfying things about wildlife photography in Tanzania and Kenya. Wildlife photography is not only enjoying animal life you often encounter in the outdoors but also enjoy studying the mycological and botanical aspects of it too. The best way to learn how to take better pictures is to be out there doing it, getting experience and practicing.

We take photographs because of the diversity of the natural world, it might be due to the attitude of the animal in the viewfinder and more often than not, the reason is that we want to capture a moment of time.

There is so much to photograph around the world and the list of Wild birds and animals is simply endless, so our goals are to travel more taking both different and unusual photographs of the many amazing and wonderful wild animals that encompass the globe.

Wedding Photography

Photography is the one service on your wedding day that will last you the rest of your married life. You will be sharing your photos with your family and friends immediately after your wedding and for years to come.

We are based in Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma -Tanzania, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda.

We will make sure that these images are captured in a way that takes your needs into account. Our professionally compiled shooting list that are discussed before the event gives you the opportunity to add your specific taste and flair to the photos taken on this important day.

What our wedding photography services deliver

We offer wedding packages that will suit most needs, but we can give you a tailor-made quotation should you have specific needs. To make sure that you have enduring and lasting images of one of the happiest events in your life, you must realize that photography takes some preparation and decisions that have to be taken before the ceremony.

You have to be relaxed about your choice of photographer. Although we try to be as unobtrusive as possible, we still need to get the wedding pictures you want.  On the wedding day, you will have to be prepared to have us around you for quite a bit.

The day can be fun for everyone, as long as you are relaxed and really want to get married, we can make your day last forever.

On the last note, we do deliver digital manipulation but we are wedding photographers and as you can see from our portfolio we specialize in capturing authentic realistic images of the event

Aerial photography

Photos taken from the air may be used to document the terrain below, get a bird’s eye view of construction in process, record objects in flight, pictures of the sky, high scenery, etc. We use Drones to capture aerial photography and footage when necessary.

Art photography

Photography as an art form entails images recorded of static form on film, printed, and displayed solely for own aesthetic value

Commercial Photography

Images made and photos taken to promote a product, service, or institution. This usually requires extensive planning, extensive setups, and a very high degree of controlled lighting to achieve a specific effect. Advertising photography also extends to Model Photography and Close-up or Marco photography such as restaurant menus and product catalogues. A macro (close-up) lens enables you to focus from a position very close to the subject, sometimes as close as a few inches. In this way, you can visualize an object as larger than life.

Journalism Photography

Documentary photography covers all photography that documents events and records them, or which is used to tell a story. Sometimes the camera captures events as they occur, to be published as news. In other cases, it documents an ongoing condition or situation for public awareness.

Micro & Scientific Photography

Photography through the microscope enables scientists to capture and publish what they see. Scientific photography, both digital and analog, reaches out in many other areas as well, documenting such complex topics as astronomy, geology, the universe, space and the and the human body.

Portrait Photography

People photography differs from studio photography or photojournalism, which may include people because its sole purpose is to record the image of one or more persons. Traditional wedding photography is a typical example.

A portrait photographer not only wants to capture the true likeness, but also the personality of the individual. The photographer needs to be proficient not only in the workings and setting of the camera but also needs to understand form and lighting. Great lighting and positioning can make someone appear at their best form if used correctly. Lighting and camera placement can also aid in correcting defects of visual enhancements.

Action Photography

The capturing of images of sporting events is an especially challenging area of photography. The most successful sports photographers possess an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Controlling motion blur and depth of field are important techniques to know when photographing action.

Outdoor Photography

Travel and outdoor photography represent a very wide category, this includes recording special sights in varied geographic areas along with capturing landscapes, nature, places of interest.

Notwithstanding the fact that Portrait Photography dominates wedding photography, a creative, effective, and professional photographer can spice up portrait photography using techniques normally associated with all of the other forms of photography explained above. By adding digital photography for the first time, photography became real art! Art has just gone from painting with oils to painting with light, to painting with pixels and special effects.

Cinema Wedding Creations and Digital Photography

In addition to the wedding video and DVD, we also extend our artistic professionalism to digital photography

Developed out of the videography services we capture and produce professional photos of your wedding as part of our combined video and photography packages or as a stand-alone service.

Photos are taken using the best digital photographic equipment shooting at high resolution in excess of 8 Mega Pixels ensuring highest quality printed photos in excess of A4 enlargements and shapes.

Our digital photography services include professionally printed photos by respectable photo lab and range from 70 to 120 individual photo shots. Included is a selection thereof in larger layout size, different sepia color settings, black & white, and other special effects based on your requirements and preferences.

Digital Photo Shoots

The digital photos, which ranges between 180 to in excess of 300 individual photos, depending on the type of wedding photography services required from us, cover photo shoots of the entire wedding including photoshoots of the bride prior to arrival at the church or place of worship, the groom prior to the commencement of the church or religious service, the wedding service, all service decoration and flower arrangements, greetings, reception, table settings with all decorations, the cake arrangement, all speeches, food, food decor and food arrangements, guests, opening dance, additional dances, special and traditional events unique to your wedding and any other special requests you may have.

Extending our existing strong technology base, the photos may be customized with additional digital photography photo effects and digital manipulation. However, this is entirely your choice.

Additional prints are available at competitive prices plus, as an optional extra, the configuration of professional photos in slide shows, and you also enjoy the benefit of having your “digital photo negatives” on CD-Rom. You may also consider allowing us to create a DVD Digital photo Play Album for you, at a low additional cost for playback on VHS Video, CD-Rom or DVD. As a “high-in-demand” optional service we also provide you with all digital photos taken on a separate CD-Rom for ease of distribution and re-prints.

Increasing demand combined with strong technology and experience affords to offer digital quality photography as part of videography services since 2009, and from 2011 also as a completely stand-alone service. This development is also attributable to our focus on natural photos blended with the venue landscape and client requirements supported by our creative capabilities.

One of our Brides has been chosen as one of the finalists of the “Beeld” Afrikaans Newspaper 2004 Bride of the Year contest.

The offering of digital photography services developed to complement the increased demand of our combined videography and photography packages, effectively offering you a one-stop quality digital wedding video and wedding photo service at competitive, value-for-money and affordable pricing.

Photo Retouching and Image Editing

To showcase your model profile you need to have the edge, using the latest design technology we retouch and edit images to stand out.

Our edit is done with high precision and we take absolute care with realism, we work totally discreet.

Enhancing your profile is a common practice as the competition is strong, talk to us about retouching your photos and images to create a stunning model profile.