PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is very widely used as a general-purpose scripting language which is suited for web development. PHP is a general scripting language which was developed for web development to produce dynamic web pages and as we all know PHP generally runs on a web server. PHP development is a very important tool in today’s worlds to create dynamic web pages. PHP is also used for making database management systems. PHP s easy and can be deployed on most web servers, platforms and operating systems. PHP can be used to completely build and customize the web pages as per our use and requirement. It also has the ability to perform as a graphical application.

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The core features of PHP are that it has the ability to process strings and arrays and it is built to work as an object-oriented programming language. In layman terms, PHP is a highly customizable application which can be used as per the needs and I can also be kept small by only installing as much as we need to perform specific tasks.

There are three things that make PHP popular:

  • PHP is free.
  • PHP is very easy: It is easy to implement, easy to learn, and easy to use.
  • A PHP application runs on almost any Web server on almost any platform which is currently available.
  • It can be used to create dynamic web pages which have the ability to interact with the user and it can offer customized information based on the requirements of the user. Developing is easy and faster in PHP application.

PHP can read and write information in the database. It also has the ability to store data on the servers. Hence the reason it is getting popular with online applications that require data storage. PHP can read and write files it can do the work of basic file and directory maintenance. Along with managing text content, PHP can also manage graphic content. PHP can be used to create graphs and charts.