Infinity360 East Africa is a team of quality website crafters. We are into the business of making your products and services more visible. We do this by creating websites that work for you and also help you with our comprehensive SEO program for the same. We have web designing and SEO plans that will help you with your needs and requirements.

We believe that website planning is not the task of a new comer but of someone who is into this industry and established since years. With the expertise and experience that Infinity360 East Africa carries with it, your website is in safe hands. Our technical staff at Infinity360 East Africa always makes sure that they understand your requirement carefully before starting with your website. People want to build a web site but they don’t understand where to begin.

Building a website is like getting all you stuff in one place organizing them and making sure that all the information that you want to display is arranged properly. Your website should be easy to understand and find information. Creating a website without proper guidance will not yield the best results. We have creative heads that will help you with website planning so that you have an efficient result. Let us make the efforts when you help us with your ideas.

Before starting with website development and planning for your website, we need to understand your business and competition. We also need you to help us with your ideas, inputs and your ideas on developing your website.

Before Designing your Website, Consider

Before we start developing our website, we would like you help us about:

  1. Your preferred choice of domain name(s) for your website.
  2. Your idea of developing the website and the message you want to convey.
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. What information is your target audience looking for on your website?
  5. What market is targeted, it is a niche market? Which of Domestic market or international market is your target?
  6. The number of pages do you need to have on your site?
  7. What type of the website is it? Is it a business site or a portal or an ecommerce website?
  8. What kind of content you want to have on the website? What are the key points you want us to highlight on the website?
  9. We will need you to help us with relevant keywords pertaining to your industry.
  10. Your company details, product / service details, your strong points, advantage over competition are also required.
  11. We will need pictures and technical data to be represented on the website.
  12. Time limitations
  13. Ideas on Logo design if any
  14. Your choice of colour to co-ordinate it with the colour scheme of your company.
  15. What technology you want us to use in the site?
  16. Do you want us to do a search engine optimization for your website so that right from day one your website is performing for you?

Once we have all the details and inputs form your side, we gather all the data and compile it. Our designers then start working on the data to make a probable plan for your website. The basic idea and site layout is earlier given to you with the details for your input. We simultaneously take other relevant data from you to make the website complete. Once the website basics are done, the home page is created to get an idea of the layout and colour scheme. After the approval of the home page is done with or without corrections, other pages are done. We have to make a track of the competition prevailing in your industry, make sure that you have given us the right content with the relevant keywords. Our aim will always be to create a business class impression for your corporate website.

When you make your website with us you also have a chance to avail of our SEO services. We also help you with web based applications, e commerce solutions, graphic designing and multimedia based websites.