Infinity360 Media East Africa is a leading developer of quality and search engine friendly websites along with internet marketing tools for businesses, NGO’s and individuals.

Infinity360 Media East Africa has been planning, designing and developing web sites for businesses and organizations since 2009. Though we have started from Nairobi, currently we have our operations from Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma -Tanzania, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda. Infinity360 Media East Africa is headquartered in Nairobi. We have specialized people engaged in the the task of web designing and developing and in order provide total web solutions for your new or an existing website. We only provide solutions which help your cause and solve your problems.

We have a broad portfolio of working with clients over several industry verticals and over clients are over 150. All this has been achieved by years of hard work and dedication shown towards each and every client. Our services have been rated as the expert, advanced and energetic by our clients across the globe. We have a lot of repeat clients which is a proof that your website is in the safe hands. We have gained a considerable amount of business by word-of-mouth alone. Our clients have shown the trust in us time and again and our position in the market is a proof of our seriousness and strong commitment towards our clients and their projects.

We understand that in today’s world, achieving an edge over your competition and constantly up beating your competition always helps in the long run. We can be your partners in creative web development. We have techniques that will help your company instantly and in the long run. Our web development team designs your website in such a way that it is SEO friendly and when you take our SEO package, you see your website achieve higher rank in a very short time. We understand the value of your time and money and we all the right techniques to help you take your business to the next level. Our SEO people will incorporate an SEO strategy when the web design is in progress. We have professional customized web design and SEO solutions for your website.

There are thousands of web designing companies. But we all know that only few of them make it to the best list. We at Infinity360 Media East Africa have developed a system which offers your website the ability to evolve along with your business. Once your website is launched, it is effectively dead unless you continuously maintain the website. We have techniques and technology that will keep your website updated and evolving as per your needs. Our web designers work from Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma -Tanzania, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda. to create that stunning websites for you. We use a variety of tools like ASP, ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008), AJAX, PHP, MY SQL, XML, Silver light and Java Script. All these tools are specifically designed to meet your specific needs and budget. We have a range of ecommerce solutions, website design and redesign solutions, web application development solutions, search engine optimization and even software development designed for your needs and application requirements. Our designers choose the right kind of technology that will work for the development of your website, our designers have the capabilities to apply the proven expertise that we have and also an understanding of emerging business trends inorder to deliver a range of web developmental solutions that includes e-business solutions, web application development, professional web site design & development, search engine optimization (SEO) and software development.

Over the years, Infinity360 Media East Africa has worked consistently to help improve the profitability and efficiency of more than 50 organizations. We specialize in delivering an end-to-end premium web design and web development service across Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma -Tanzania, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda. Infinity360 Media East Africa is famous for incorporating cutting edge technology everywhere in their designs, website content and search engine optimization. For us every project we undertake is a new challenge which we accomplish by focused energy and talent working toward achieving the best of results for you and your company.

When developing your website what we keep in our minds is that we have to develop customized web solutions, we make efforts and consider all those factors that will improve the success of your online marketing campaign. At Infinity360 Media East Africa, we all recognize the importance of proper planning, analysis and strategy for your website which is clearly seen through the making of website right from the design stage to the final product. We have always had a serious desire to break off form the image of a typical stereotype designer this despite the fact that we have structured methodologies for all aspects of our business. We admire our work and love to see the smile on the face of each client as a testimonial of our work. Our job is to make the powerful medium of web work for your business or organization and who knows our responsibilities and tasks better than us?

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Our clients always have the distinct advantage over their competition, the reason is because of the superior product that we deliver and more superior is the service support system that we have. Our clients have always admired and maintained good relationship with us. We at Infinity360 Media East Africa have expanded too many countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan. However our capabilities and communication skills have not stopped us from doing tasks from all over the world. Our clients experience superior support from us as we communicate with them by the means of phone or a messenger.


When you want to make a superior website by don’t want to spend a fortune on it, we are the right people to help you out. We have always focused on quality and satisfaction based work and not on generating revenue for company. We believe that in the long run a lot of our satisfied clients will eventually help us automatically grow. It is our ADVANTAGE in terms of cost that always keeps us ahead of the competition


Focus is the core of work ethics at Infinity360 Media East Africa. People here are trained to work and achieve maximum. Our designers and developers always carry a fresh attitude towards their work and this is clearly seen in their work. When a task is done with care it shows. When a task is done with the focus it reflects. We at Infinity360 Media East Africa with our technically strong team of designers and developers are committed to take the challenge ahead and make sure that you have the best of customized designs in web designing.
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Completion, each and every department works very closely to achieve what we all know as the best. We have teams which carry the task as per the work assigned to them and the task irrespective of its size is monitored at every stage so that errors are eliminated before the final product is done.

Our quality is only reflected in the work that we have done in the past, commitments that we have fulfilled and deadlines that we have met.

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