For Kisumu and Mombasa web design clients, the web design process is a very crucial part of any web project. This is the creative starting point, it defines the look & feel of the web site. It is a non-functional, exact (most of the time) pixel-perfect concept of the homepage and inner-page template of the website. This should give the client enough of an idea to say ‘yip, that looks cool, let’s go ahead’, or make changes and review it.

So that we’re not too far off-topic with the layout, colours, and styles, we usually ask the client to send through some other websites that appeal to them, whatever the genre, and/ or we take bits and pieces from one, apply to another, mix and match. Overall the layout of the homepage and inner-page is usually roughly sketched up on a piece of paper, and this is the starting point for the designer.

A very common question that web designers will get asked is, ‘Can you send me a quote, and what you think the website should look like before we go ahead with the project’… Some web designers in Mombasa and Kisumu will produce this, but others will not. Simply said creating a conceptual design is half the work done, it really is – we’ve created over 80 web projects, and each one of our websites has had at least two to three conceptual variants, iterations. It’s like going to a tattoo artist and saying can you draw a design on my arm before we do the tattoo, they won’t do it for free because it’s half the work done already. We know this process inside out.

Web Development

This part is generally what follows the design process. We take the approved final concept design from the above step, and ‘translate’ it into HTML & CSS – this is the format of the world-wide-web. This process is generally a bit isolated as there’s nothing really to bounce off with the client, it’s mostly about coding and making sure that the ‘template’ is written with standards-compliant HTML & CSS, as well as cross-browser compatible, ie. the website looks ‘correct’ in all versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari for Mac, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.

We usually upload this work to a development-domain and give our clients in Kisumu or Mombasa access, so they may monitor our web development work.

Content Management System

We love The WordPress CMS. It is an open-source content management system. It is user-friendly and very intuitive. It is also Search Engine compliant, we know this because we’ve got websites (using the Silverstripe CMS) to rank top 2 positions in Google for relevant keywords. All of our clients to date (who are non-technical, ie. they are not web developers) are able to add pages, text, images, headings, etc. to their websites using the WordPress CMS.

We mentioned that it is open-source. YES, this CMS is supported, there is are development offices around the world, working only on the core development of the CMS. There is a huge community of developers using this CMS, so you’re never stuck in a contract with us or an individual web company or freelancer, or hidden licensing fees.

Search Engine Optimization Sevices in Kisumu & Mombasa

Guess what? Google loves content managed with WordPress CMS, simply because the code output of the HTML is very standards-compliant!

Separately to this, we understand SEO inside out, we keep up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. What does this mean? It means that Google keeps filtering out websites that abuse it’s an algorithm by ‘keyword stuffing’ and other black-hat (BAD) techniques. So we know what Google likes and doesn’t like, we know how to get a business to page 1 in Google, and get you more quality leads for your business in Mombasa or Kisumu.

One important thing you should note – having a website done does not necessarily mean you will be #1 in Google… Just as much work, if not more goes into Search Engine Optimisation for our Kisumu and Mombasa clients, so, therefore, this is treated as a separate service. We have listed many websites in Google’s top 3 positions, for very competitive keywords.

Measuring your Online Success

Naturally, like in any business in Mombasa and Kisumu, you want to see results. How has my website improved in the last 3 months? How has my business improved through website leads? There are a lot of means of measuring this. We generally install Google Analytics on every web project we’ve involved with and monitor the unique visitors, the traffic sources, and the google queries.

Email Marketing

After you have a website with quality traffic on a monthly basis, a great way to keep in touch with your clients and online audience is via email marketing. We have a solution that helps you to keep in touch with your demographic through a simple and easy-to-use Email Marketing CMS (content management system). We can design a variety of branded templates, one can be an e-news, another a product promotion, or another just a keep-in-touch email. Which will all appear in your Email Admin CMS area. It’s very much a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ type of system, and you can send this to 5 emails or 5,000.

If you are in Kisumu or Mombasa and need your website designed or redesigned, contact us today.