Web design in Kenya is a competitive field, but we stand out from the already growing industry of creating websites and related services like logo design in Kenya. Here at Infinity360 Media East Africa, we craft completely unique, high-quality website designs in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and the whole of Kenya, and although web design is our forte, we are skilled, experienced, and completely capable of providing equally high-quality branding and other design material, such as logo design, stationery, adverts, and even email newsletters. If you glance over to the left-hand side of the page, you will find a menu of our services.

Design isn’t everything…

We’re sure you will agree that plain good service is almost as important as breath-taking design. We might not have the gift of the gab, but we were brought up with manners…good ones, and that means we only make promises if we know we can deliver. Additionally, if you drop us a mail, you won’t need to wonder if you will receive a timely reply, you can be certain of it. At the end of the day, we know you’ve heard it all before from every other company you’ve dealt with in Kenya, so rather than giving you a marketing spiel about how wonderful we are and how you won’t regret it, why not read a few testimonials from our clients.

Kenya Web Design Price versus Quality…

Will you find website design at a cheaper rate in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu – Kenya? Probably…but it’s going to look cheap; be a template, or it’s going to break. That’s a fact. We spend a lot of time and effort on our designs, and so the only reason we have managed to keep our pricelist lower than what the work is actually worth it is that we keep our overheads low. So although we won’t be taking you out for lobster lunch meetings, we promise you will be hard-pressed to find a company that can match our quality of design work at our rates.

So how much does a website cost in Kenya?

Our website design prices for the Kenyan market are reasonable and affordable. We cannot term them as cheap website designs in Nairobi, Kenya, because cheap is a debatable label and depends on not only the price tag but also on the quality. Our basic website design begins from 15,000 Kenya Shillings for a 5-7 page website.

…and how much does a website design cost in Nairobi?

The price of designing a website in Nairobi with us would cost you from 15,000 Kenya Shillings for a 5-7 page website or more depending on the number of pages and features of the website. Please contact us here to get your website designed in Nairobi, Kenya.

Website design cost for Kisumu & Mombasa clients

Website designing costs for Mombasa and Kisumu, Kenya are pretty much the same provided there are no extra costs involved like travelling transport and accommodation involved in the designing process.

Website Content Management Systems

Our fully customizable content management system gives you the power to control any area of your website from uploading product details to keeping your website content fresh with news articles and blog posts.

It’s quick and easy to use but extremely powerful and flexible, allowing you to add any number of custom features you may require.

No understanding of HTML is needed to use the Redweb Content Management system but you can update any content on your website using the editor. Uploading new photos is simple with the built-in photo uploader and optimizer.

Nairobi Website Design Services

Nairobi is the development hub of East Africa. Being ahead of the other major cities and towns in East Africa, Infinity360 Media has made it our pledge to help small, medium-sized and large businesses grow together with the economy of Nairobi and the entire country of Kenya. We will design an eye-catching website for you that is fast-loading, search engine friendly and efficient to translate your traffic to sales.

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