search engine optimization east africaSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) also known as online website marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) all refer to the overall process of promoting the visibility of a website for better performance on search engines. This process, using a variety of techniques, is to increase the ranking of a website and achieve top placement for its chosen key phrases or key words on the organic search results or search engine result pages (SERP’s). Simply said, it is to bring new customers to your web site through worldwide search engines and popular search phrases that are related to your site topic.

Search Engine Optimization – East Africa Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

It should be mentioned that submitting your site to search engines is not enough, you need to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. It’s important that your web site is listed for the right keywords and that your website turns visitors into buyers.
Search engines base rankings on a number of factors that determine relevance of a site and where they will go in their search results. The search engines use spider programs which search out websites and, using algorithms designed by the search engines, gather all sorts of information from the website. Some considerations in the algorithms consist of things like age of site, how often the site is updated, content, links, and many other things.
A number of factors are important when optimising a website: tailoring the content of your site so it is relevant to search terms entered by searchers on search engines; website page layout; the HTML meta-tags and the keyword research that yields the right keywords.
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Some of these SEO factors include:

  • Optimizing the title of your website – homepage and sub pages.
  • Keyword selection for every single page.
  • Keyword filled content for every single page.
  • Keyword density.
  • Navigation and internal text links.
  • Website code optimization.
  • Robots tags and robots .txt file.
  • Link Building.
  • Sitemaps.