Zanzibar, Mafia, and Pemba Islands have a huge business potential in growth and contribution to the economy. That is why Infinity360 Media East Africa ensures that businesses in Zanzibar, Mafia, and Pemba Islands do not lag behind in the cut-throat, online competition in the search results. Search engine optimization is the process of obtaining high search engine rankings, for words or phrases using various search engine placement techniques.

Online Marketing for Zanzibar Beach Resorts

For example, a Zanzibar beach Resort company may want to be found on “Zanzibar Beach Resorts”
For many Zanzibar businesses online, the ability to be found solely by the use of a search engine is important. 88% of internet users use a search engine to look for products and services these people are valuable because they are actively searching for the product or service you are offering online.
When you consider that 85% of entries to web sites are generated by search engine traffic and that 98% of all click-throughs come from the first 3 pages of search results, you will begin to understand just how important online marketing and search engine optimization is. Several years ago there was only 74 listing for “Zanzibar Beach Holidays” on the Google search engine now that’s grown to 6,630,000. So to get into a high search engine ranking you have to beat about 6,630,000 other websites. Impossible? No, but it takes a lot of work, skill, and expert knowledge of search engine optimization techniques and proper online marketing guidelines.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

  • Consultation and advice on “key phrase” selection.
  • Content rewriting for search relevancy.
  • Optimization of your web pages for search relevancy.
  • Preparing and submitting to relevant every top free search engine and directory
  • Preparing and submitting to the search engine and directories i.e. Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Google, Bing.
  • Analysis of the site statistics, including the key phrases people used to find your site.

#1 Zanzibar SEO Company

Many companies offering search engine optimization, high search engine rankings, or guaranteed search engine placement use dubious spam methods, which the search engines frown upon. If they decide to penalize you they will ban you from the listing forever. At Infinity360 Media East Africa, we don’t use these methods, we get high search engine rankings by working within the guidelines and building a site that is search engine friendly and naturally scores high search engine placement.

Digital Marketing in Pemba and Mafia Islands

We are a Tanzania search engine optimization business servicing clients, not only for Zanzibar websites but also in the nearby islands surrounding Zanzibar. We offer digital marketing services to Mafia and Pemba Islands. We employ proper digital marketing strategies and techniques for efficient online and Social media performance.