AngularJS is a fully extensible and scalable development framework to build your bespoke web application development. Development in AngularJS is flexible and feature can easily be customized or even replaced depending upon client requirements. AngularJS is an open-source web application framework that is maintained by Google. AngularJS is a comprehensive framework for declaring dynamic views browser based web-applications.


DevBatch team has experienced AngularJS developers who can grasp your business idea well and incorporate into scalable, robust and reliable web app that responses great on mobiles too. DevBatch has always stayed ahead of the technology curve by hiring resources that are already trained or have the current knowledge of any specific technology. DevBatch developers have already deployed a no. of mobile and web apps using AngularJS.

DevBatch AngularJS Development Expertise

We provide multiple AngularJS development solutions that incudes building Form validations, Filters, Detectives, Inline templates, Extending of functionalities to existing mobile apps, URL tracking and several other on-demand services.

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