A web portal presents a variety of information from diverse sources in a unified way. A portal is a system that gives its users an easy and user-friendly way to display information and services that may be of interest to all. Along with the standard search engine functionality, web portals offer other services such as news, e-mail, information, databases, etc. Portals allow a consistent feel and ease of navigation for multiple applications. The organization that does the portal web development will have a system that gives a variety of functions for said organization to put together many different avenues of information, making them available to the various users according to their specific interests and needs. Therefore, the main reason to set up a portal is to bring all the information and resources that are available to these users in a way that is effective.

Today we need portals depending on the industry verticals we cater to; we have to make use of the web to give information and services to its users. The web can also be used as a tool to exchange or meet up with different needs of every user, it will act as an effective communication tool. A web-based portal is easy to use and can be customized easily as per the need of each user. In a given industry vertical we use a web portal; we can divide information and services and organize them in such a way that it becomes fairly easy to use it. It means that a portal can organize information and services in a way as if departments are divided. It then becomes for the end-user to get information or services from a particular department. By using and setting up a portal it is easier to help with these problems. Portals will help to channelize a vast amount of information and services put on the web by the users in a very effective way. Basically, we can make portals that are of help and interest to your company or portals which can make things easier for you.

When we make portals there are certain points that we keep in mind:

  • Our portal developers ensure that all the portals made by us are user friendly
  • Web Portals made by Infinity360 Media East Africa are highly customized as per the needs of the user.
  • Portals made by us allow different information and service-providing departments to update their own information without much technical expertise.
  • Make the portal and allow the presentation of information and services in such a way that it matches the user’s requirement.
  • We help you not only create but also set up things from your perspective.


The technology is ever-changing and it brings new opportunities for all types of businesses and institutions and even individuals to streamline their processes and operations right from the grass-roots level. The changing technology allows improving business interactions to get critical advantages and also allows to optimize costs. Today, portals act as a platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. They are an ideal medium for information delivery and communication collaboration. We at Infinity360 Media East Africa based in Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma -Tanzania, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda are here to deliver end-to-end portal solutions using the latest technologies and business trends.

We help you with portal development like regional web portals which concentrate on weather information, street maps, and local business information related to a particular area. This portal can also be used to show local tradition, places of interest, and to a large extent all the information that can be possible about a particular city.
There are also relevant government portals owned by respective government bodies.
One of the most widely used portals is corporate web portals. As the name suggests these portals are used and developed for and use by the corporate. There are also stock portals that offer details on the stock market. One can also see tender portals giving details on tenders based on each industry verticals. There are also portals that are very industry-specific i.e. these portals concentrate on a specific industry vertical like machinery portal, hotel industry.

A web-based portal development is understood and accepted as a one-way solution to bring together the different web-based applications in order to support the delivery of information and services by a system that delivers ease of usability. Web portals also give users easy access to the information needed. There are a lot of organizations that have selected us as their portal development company to create web-based portals for them and to say the least we have impressed all of them.