For Tanzania’s website design needs, we are a full-time professional website design company. We produce cutting edge web design. Our websites are produced to the highest professional standards to ensure that they give our clients excellent value for money.

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Web Design Company – Tanzanian Agency

Infinity360 Media East Africa is a Tanzanian based website design company and SEO Agency in Tanzania– Others can only claim to be the best when it comes to website design.

We have an extensive client base all over Tanzania built over the years through sheer hard work and trust between our esteemed clients and our all-round developers and web designers in Tanzania. Among the towns in Tanzania that we have worked on many website designs, include.

Arusha Website Design

If you are based in Arusha, Tanzania, team up with Infinity360 to develop an online presence and market your Arusha based business successfully or to create a creative safari and tours logo for example. Our sophisticated designs will ensure that your business will never be seen as just another business. Arusha in particular, we have designed countless websites for safaris, the hotel industry, colleges, tented camps, tourism hotels, and other businesses a well.

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Dar es Salaam web design

To keep up with your competitors of all sizes in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s business hub you need a Dar es Salaam web design company and agency. Our packages will keep you one step ahead in the coastal city of Tanzania. looking for website designers in Dar es Salaam? Look no further. Let us make that one step a reality. on top of that, we can create amazing logo designs for the Dar es Salaam based company.

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Dodoma web design

Just like Dar es Salaam, for our clients in Dodoma, Tanzania’s capital city, we can help your business by providing you with Dodoma web design packages that will make your business have an edge over your competitors. We also offer other website design related services like logo design and mobile apps.

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Moshi web design

Start your very own online website in Moshi, Tanzania today. We specialize in all parts of website design and setup. We will develop, set up, start, and run your website for you, so you can concentrate on selling online. Selling online has never been as easy as with infinity360. Contact us today to find out more about our website designers in Moshi, Tanzania.

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Why Design your website in Tanzania with us

We don’t just provide you with high-quality, professional design Tanzania– we also help ensure the success of your website by supplying excellent client support, client relations, and care.

Our national and international clients can’t be wrong all express a strong appreciation of our work. The fact that international businesses choose Infinity360 Media East Africa to design and maintain their websites is strong evidence of the quality of our work. So when you choose us you can be sure you made the right choice.

Websites are an important part of your marketing mix: invest your budget wisely choose your design agency with care. Infinity360 Media East Africa – The right choice, others can only claim to be the best.

Best Tanzania Website Designers

Below is the process that we use to come up with your perfect website for your business. To ensure we maintain our reputation as the best website design company in Mwanza, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Moshi, Karatu, Mbeya, and the entire country of Tanzania, we take the following matters seriously.

Design Collaboration – Anyone can build a website, but getting the design just the way you want it can be very difficult.  We are unique in that we work with you until our graphic designers get the look and feel for your site just the way you want it.  We review existing sites together with you – both sites you like and sites we like – so our designers know just what you want.  Then we send you multiple design examples from multiple designers so you can choose the exact look you want.

Copywriting – Another thing that makes us different is our copy editing.  Most clients will send us text without thinking about keyword density (how popular the keywords are in their text and how often they are used on a page).  Our copywriters will re-vamp your text submissions ever so slightly to ensure that your site will rank well under the most popular and relevant keywords – giving you more traffic on day one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – While most web developers build cool, flashy sites and don’t worry about search engines, we begin with SEO in the design process and still build very professional, “cool” sites.

Cost – Most web developers charge 3 times their labour cost to build a website.  Because we get most of our web design business from word of mouth and by doing good work at a fair price, we can do the work for much less.

Lodging Industry Expertise – Because we focus on the lodging industry and have built so many lodging websites, we know what works – i.e. the “best practices” of a lodging website.  We pass this expertise along to you and help you consider new ideas you may have overlooked.  We go the extra mile.

Conversion – Last but not least, our lodging industry expertise translates into higher conversion – that is, our sites convert more “lookers into bookers”.  Going from a 2% conversion rate to an 8% conversion rate translates into a 400% increase to your bottom line.

Our Design Process

Our Web design process is an interactive one in which our consultants work with you every step of the way to make sure we deliver the look, feel, and functionality you desire.  A brief explanation of our 7 step website consulting and design process is below.

Step 1 – Client Vision and Strategy Meeting
At the outset of your Web design project, a design consultant will contact you to discuss your vision for your new website.  We will review all of your design options, so you can make an intelligent decision about the right site for your business.  If you don’t already have a domain name, we help in acquiring the best URL for your business.

Step 2 – Graphic Design 
One of the most important and difficult decisions in creating a website is deciding on the “look” you want.  Our graphic design team in Tanzania will provide you with a list of our favorite sites or you can surf the Web on your own and find the look and feel you desire.  Once we agree and a “look”, our design team will get to work and provide you with two or three graphic looks to choose from.

Step 3 – Navigation
Next, you will need to decide on the number of Web pages you desire and how your customers will navigate your site from the home page.  Look at some sites in your industry to collect ideas.  Typically, travel websites include pages such as:
•  Our Company
•  Accommodations
•  Activities
•  Directions
•  Contact Us
•  Newsletter

Step 4 – Content Development
One of the most challenging tasks in creating a great website is writing the content.  Because no one understands your business better than you, you will have to write the majority of the content for your site.  However, Infinity360 Media East Africa can help you write the content for generic pages, such as destination information, and we can help you with editing.  Most of our clients submit their drafts for each page in Microsoft Word via email.

Step 5 – Website Development
Depending on the size of your site, the development process typically takes about 15 days to complete.

Step 6 – Client Edits & Testing
At the completion of the Web development process, Infinity360 Media East Africa will post your site on the Web for final editing and testing.  It is important that you review the entire website and assess each page so that your changes can be managed efficiently.  This will shorten the development cycle dramatically.  Infinity360 Media East Africa can usually make most client edits in a day or two.

Step 7 – Website Launch & Hosting
After all final edits and revisions have been made, Infinity360 Media East Africa can host your site for as little as $30 per month.

Website Maintenance & Updates
Websites are ongoing projects and will continue to change with the growth of your business.  Travel Infinity360 Media East Africa provides website editing for $20-$60/page to our clients, depending on the complexity of the edits.

Here is a list, which is included in basic service packages.

Maintaining: We make sure your website is up and running, everything is in good working order, no errors on the website, broken links, bad links, scripts, e-mails, etc.

We make sure “behind the scenes” of your website always has the best programming, faster page downloads, and are up to date with the World Wide
Web and Search Engine standards, etc.

We constantly update your website with new, faster, and better software, programming, and requirements for SEO.

Upgrading: More professional ways for interaction on your website, example: going from a “contact us” link which opens your e-mail address to a contact us form which will send your clients request to you automatically and is easier to use by your clients.

Website stats: We give you a very detailed report of how your website is doing, how many hits and visitors you get per month, and on an hourly basis (You need to host with us for these stats).

How much does it cost to design a website in Tanzania?

A basic website design in Tanzania costs from Tsh 450,000 (Tanzania Shillings) for 1-10 page website with pretty standard features. It may cost you more money if you need more pages and functionality to get your website designed by us.

To see some of the websites we have developed in Tanzania, check out our portfolio: