In Dar es Salaam, SEO is pretty much important for businesses not only in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s business hub but also, worldwide. Even the most outstanding website is useless if it cannot be found by your target audience. A website should add value to your business; it is an investment, not a cost. A website should provide you with a return on your investment and that is where internet marketing comes in. It is all about making sure your website reaches your audience. But not by just anyone, by targetted prospects looking for your products or services that is where we come in with our special digital and online marketing for Dar es Salaam businesses.

Search Engine Marketing Dar es Salaam

Please browse through the various internet marketing services that we offer in Dar es Salaam to ensure you are gaining the maximum advantage from your website.

Without search engine marketing, your online business is totally reliant on customers visiting the site through off-line advertising, which is far less effective than online advertising and search engine marketing. At Infinity360 Media East Africa, we offer digital marketing and online marketing services like pay per click and organic SEO.

The Need For Website Optimisation

We cannot argue with hard facts, and huge volumes of research over the years tells us:
– Over 90% of Internet traffic is driven by search engines
– Almost no-one searches beyond the top 30 results (or 3 pages)
– Visitor numbers increase almost exponentially with the ranking achieved

So not only is it essential that your website ranks well for the keyword terms that people use to find your products or services, but you should obtain the highest ranking possible within your budget.

Ethical Website Optimisation For Natural Results

Even if your website is indexed by search engines, it will not achieve any worthwhile listings without being optimized.  And for long term results, your rankings must be achieved by approved ‘ethical’ means.
Major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) want to see natural patterns of behaviour, so although a full website overhaul is OK at any time, website optimization must always be consistent and methodical.

Website Optimisation Experts in Dar es Salaam

  • High Google Rankings For Your Website
    Getting your website positioned well in search engine listings is likely to be the most cost-effective way you will ever find to generate new customers for your company.  And the longer you pursue this activity, the more effective (and important to your business) it will become.
  • What We Do For You
    Our website optimization services include finding the most productive keyword terms for you, optimizing every aspect of your website, creating and building a high profile on the Web … then continually improving your Google rankings.
  • Paid Listings ( Google Adwords)
    Part of the website optimization process is the building of listings on other websites and directories.  The best listings are always relevant and focused, often paid for, and continually building internet presence in this way gives a long-term boost to search engine rankings, as well as generating some direct traffic in itself.

So you need a website that is attractive, easy to navigate and uses images and copy that will engage people and motivate them to respond.

Optimization for Human Visitors

  • Optimizing for Visitors
    You must also cater to the needs of the visitors themselves in order to make the most of your search engine activity.
    You must therefore aim to engage with people as soon as they have clicked through from your Google listing.
  • Human Visitors Are Not Always Logical!
    Human visitors want information from your website, but they do not always navigate in a structured manner. They click – often almost at random – and are therefore likely to get ‘lost’ in a website, failing to find what they want, and exit never to return.
  • Human Visitors Need To Be Motivated! You must accept that most of your visitors don’t care about you!   They want information but prefer to ‘skim’ read unless their attention is really taken, and will often need to be prompted to buy from you.

How much does SEO cost in Dar es Salaam?

A basic search engine optimization package costs from 500,000 Tanzanian shillings and it includes making your website search engine friendly and basic setup for SEO clients in Dar es Salaam.

So your website for your Dar es Salaam based business must be optimized for Search Engines to achieve high Google rankings for the most useful keyword terms, and rankings must be built further over time.

For more information, contact us here if you are looking for Search Engine Optimization in Dar es Salaam.