We are the best Logo designers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s business hub and we offer affordable graphic designing services. Dar es Salaam is the hub for all economic activities in Tanzania, being close to the border of the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam is also easily accessible by many ways to the neighbouring countries like Egypt, Dubai, Egypt, Nigeria, Mombasa, Somalia, Angola, South Africa, Mozambique among many others around the world.

Logo Design Industry in Dar es Salaam has a simple rule, the more companies, the more Logos Designed so keeping vision management of infinity360 Media East Africa decided to start their operations in Dar es Salaam and got a great response from the market.

We have our office in Tanzania and Kenya with over 5 people working for Infinity360 Media East Africa. The logo design industry has a boom in Dar es Salaam as a lot of international companies have established their international office in Dubai. From sportsmen to businessmen and politicians everyone has their identity in Dar es Salaam and to give them an identity so that people can recognize them, we design their Logos, print their stationery and business cards.

Are you looking for a custom graphic design and logo design service in Dar es Salaam that reflects your brand, personality, and clearly communicates your individuality online? You’ve come to the right place.

We are your one-stop-shop for quality logo design at an affordable price. We understand the importance of creating a logo that represents your brand and positioning without compromising on quality. Our skilled team of designers will create the perfect logo that is unique to you and offers exceptionally good value for money.

We pride ourselves on the following key principles:

  • 100% unique design – stand out from the crowd with a custom logo that is unique to you
  • 100% quality – designed with every attention to detail
  • 100% professional – designed by logo design experts
  • 100% fast – quick turnaround times
  • 100% value for money – no catches, no hidden charges, just low prices for your logo

There are hundreds of companies that claim they will produce a quality logo for you at a low cost, but you can never be quite sure of just what you’re getting and who to trust with developing and positioning your brand online. Your logo should speak volumes about who you are and what you do and unless you choose a professional logo design company, chances are you’ll end up with something very standardized with a lack of real attention to detail. Instead, look to Infinity360 Media East Africa for a refreshing logo design with a difference.

Dar es Salaam Graphic Design Services

  • Logo redesign
  • Custom designs
  • Cheap logo design
  • Quality logo concepts
  • Logo design urgency

…and all with a personalized, professional service guaranteed.

How much does a logo design cost in Dar es Salaam?

We offer 3 great graphic design packages to suit you, so now you can take advantage of the perfect service for your individual needs.

Lite – our basic package is the Lite, which provides you with 1 custom company logo design concept and a host of additions for a great low price of just 60,000 Tsh.

Standard – if you need something that gives you a bit more flexibility then our Standard package is just the ticket. With 3 professional logo design concepts, you get more choice and more flexibility to make sure you get the perfect logo. Our Standard package is just 120,000 Tsh.

Premium – our Premium package is the best you can get, with an even faster turnaround time and both colour and black and white versions included in the price. With Premium, you get 6 custom business logo design concepts and even fonts are included! Get all of this for just 250,000 Tsh.

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* Our Logo Designers Guarantee…

We offer a full money-back guarantee to logo clients in Dar es Salaam who do not like ANY of our initial concepts. On the rare occasion that you don’t like our work, a full refund will be returned via M-Pesa. Should you choose to revise any of the initial concepts, the money-back guarantee will be void. We’re able to offer this guarantee as we’re 100% sure you’ll love the work we produce!

We have designed logos and stationery for famous companies in Dar es Salaam and if you are based in Tanzania and looking for a Logo Design or Stationary for your office use, please feel free to call us on +255 621072768 and we will provide you a free Logo Concept.