Often times when your website is infected with malware or if it’s hacked, your browser will give you the “Reported Attack Site” – which is not alarming to you, but can you imagine what your customers  feel towards your company at the moment?

To prevent this spreading, Google and Firefox are marking the website as “Infected” and a “potential attack website” – thus greatly reducing the trust of your visitors towards you and your business.

It’s of vital importance that you contact a security professional for an immediate clean-up!

Website Security for East Africa

Our team in the East African countries of Tanzania and Kenya has IT Security professionals are qualified to deal with any malware issues, who are also WordPress developers – could you say there is a better match of skillset for your needs if your WordPress site is infected with malware? We won’t think so!

wordpress malware cleaningCleaning WordPress malware and Security hardening

We will make sure your website never gets hacked / infected again. We do that by following a process called “security hardening” – which in essence secures any remaining vulnerabilities found on your WordPress website.

After our work is done, hackers and automated malware / viruses will not be able to bypass your site’s security! For malware removal and securing you websites in Arusha, Dar es Salaam or Nairobi, contact us here.