Email marketing is a highly effective tool for driving more sales and traffic by interacting with your existing customer base with information, news and offers they want to receive.
It is also important because you get to offer fresh news and updated content. Improve your profits today!
With the ability to email newsletters, special offers, invitations and the technology to track the results, email marketing is proven to educate your customers, drive your brand, raise awareness, keep your business top of mind and encourage your database growth.
Get the chance to outdo direct (snail) mail, trade shows and other traditional advertising media. Email marketing is extremely powerful, delivering a great return on your investment.

Are you within in East Africa ( Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Southern Sudan) and looking for a way to reach your clients via emails in a stunning and eye catching way? Look no further. Please feel free to contact us here.

Have you ever received an email with a HTML design embedded in the actual email? Ofcourse you have and the fact is that most of us have. The benefit of an email marketing campaign is that it is cost effective, quick and gets the attention of your target audience immediately. We at Infinity360 practice what we preach and actively promote our brand with an emarketing campaign, and up to now it has proved successful.

We have our own dedicated Emarketing system that will allow you to login, upload your design, add an email list and click “send”. Yes there are the fancy reporting tools, Yes you get a report delivered direct to your email, but No Way our system is not over complicated and is easy to use for just about anyone.

How much doe it Email Marketing cost in East Africa?

We have a list of packages available but starting at £0.01 / $0.016 per email we feel that our system is one of, if not the cheapest available. The more credit you buy, the cheaper the price is. Contact us here for a detailed price based on your requirements.

Design of a HTML Email Campaign

What you will certainly require is a nice HTML (hyper text markup language) page designed that will be the first thing the email recipiant views when opening their email. The best design is without doubt a design that looks and feels like your website as when a viewer clicks to your website they will be ease with the consistant design. Infinity360 team of Creative Designers are able to put together the perfect Email Design with unlimited revisions until you are happy.

Below are the benefits of Emarketing by Infinity360 :

A fast and cost effective HTML email sending client.

Infinity360 will design a great HTML page styled similar to your website.

Low cost management from only £0.01 / $0.016 per email.