If you own a website and are concerned about making money from the internet, it is commonsense to go for an SEO done for your website. Everyone wants to achieve a higher ranking with their website.
Hence the reason, we are working for the best ranking on search engines. You might know that one of the greatest ways of getting a higher rank for your site is by submitting articles to relevant article directories. By doing this, you will get numerous backlinks from hundreds of different IP’s and high PR (Page Rank) directories. These backlinks will then be located on your articles page. This means that your links will be related to your site. We can also help you with manual article submission which will help you in boosting the overall ranking for your website.

Everyone is talking about article submissions and ezine article submission as a tool to boost the traffic to your website. It is true that even a layman without much knowledge of SEO can do article submission for his own site. But as we all know article submission is very time-consuming and it is very boring.

Article submission can be a very time-consuming task i.e. to submit your articles to many article directories by yourself. There is a lot of software available in the market that can help you to submit your articles out to all the directories. But when you ask an article submission service provider like us we will tell you that manual submission of the articles is far more beneficial compared to the using of the software. The reason is simple; the softwares used don’t understand the article submission policies. They just do the work of randomly submitting your articles to several websites. This does not work because you have to select the right category to submit your articles. Submitting the articles to random categories will result in the instant disapproval of your articles in the directories. We are sure you don’t want that to happen. Along with article submission services we also offer you article writing services in the East African Community Countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. We do article writing related to your industry and simultaneously do the work of online article submission

We have implemented strict quality guidelines for article submission that includes guidelines for both article directories selection, and the articles that we submit. All this is done kept in consideration to ensure that the article directories get quality articles and simultaneously the publishers get a high acceptance rate. Thus by our expertise, we are going to help your website by submitting the articles at the right place. We use only human-written articles. We make sure that the articles contain relevant content and at least 400 words with relevant keywords. We take pains to ensure the articles are written with proper grammar and spelling.

Why use article submission services by Infinity360 Media East Africa:

  • Online Marketing done through article submission services is a great way to build up the link popularity of your website.
  • Article submission helps you get actual visitors to your site something which you can never expect from traditional link exchange campaigns.
  • Article submission is a very powerful method of getting quality ONE-WAY incoming links to your website. Manual article submission is an easy way to build links at cheap prices.
  • Search engines prefer those links from sources that are rich in content.
  • Constant submission of articles by us will help you a lot as it always ensures a steady flow of quality backlinks to your site.
  • We have the ability to take care of the submission of your articles to the right category; this is something that software programs fail to do. The software programs randomly submit the article which does not result in adequate results as many of these articles get rejected due to their submission to non-relevant categories.
  • Complete manual article submission and ezine article submission services offered by us.