Website design and Search Engine Optimization in Africa, we have in a very short time set out to bring an innovative approach to the Internet. We at Infinity360 Media East Africa, have a presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Ghana have been providing high-quality and affordable web design solutions for clients all around the globe. We have a creative staff that works round the clock to ensure that your site always looks better and different from the competition. We know the power the internet medium carries today and also its full potential. Our creative team of designers and developers are very keen to work on different aspects of web designing and SEO to ensure that you are always ahead of your competition. If you are looking to do make a new website for your company, we at Infinity360 Media East Africa can help you out with the same. At the same time, we will also suggest you go for SEO done for your new website. Web design and SEO go hand in hand, whenever we design a website, we keep in mind the SEO perspective of it. We specialize in SEO services for your websites. Even if you have an old website and want us to do a makeover to it or simply help you with the SEO, we are here to help you out. We also specialize in the development of a wide range of websites catering to different industry verticals and solutions ranging from Brochure Web Design, E-commerce Solutions, and Custom Content Management Systems. We have the right kind of packages for you or your company. We have the right mix of web design and SEO services for your company.

SEO in Africa

We have worked with a number of companies and helped them achieve their dream website and also SEO that helped them with better rank for the website. At Infinity360 Media East Africa, we have a specialized team of professionals who are creative and are trained for web site designing part and there is a team of SEO experts who are always required to co-ordinate with the website designers to create websites that are SEO friendly. We are a creative website design company having a presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Ghana. We have specialized in eCommerce website development and custom website development for small medium and large organizations. Our website design and development is accompanied by search engine optimization for your websites and we make sure that your websites are the best in terms of design and ease of usability. Providing our customers with website designing and SEO services is in our blood.

We believe that a cheap website design does not work because it never gives the results that you deserve. Just by making the right choice in terms of the selection of web design companies like Infinity360 Media East Africa will do the half of work for your company. We believe that we have the best of web designers who are very experienced and can clearly understand and interpret as you want your website to be. They also specialize in creating SEO friendly website for your company so that the full use of your website is done. Years of hard work and experience have made us what we are today. We have toiled for days and made sure that each customer who came in our contact and took our services, left with a smile. We do the task of website design in a different manner than others because our creative designers always think outside the box. We know that the process of web design is not as easy as people understand and interpret; it requires a lot of hard work and analysis before we can make that extra special of a website for your company. Website design and web development in Africa have not come by chance to us, we have developed and implemented numerous eye-catching designs for your website yet keeping in mind the search engine submission factor.

Our Web Developers in Africa

We believe that we are one web developers in the African continent who can take the task of providing you with the best SEO service along with corporate website design in Africa. Our designs are inspired keeping in mind our end-user our customers and our quality designs are not a work of chance, they are an art that has taken years and a lot of experience to build up. Our talented bunch of Web Designers put all their experience in making that custom website design for you and making sure that you have an experience that you will cherish forever. With our website design and search engine strategies, we always ensure that your website generates the right kind of impression and attention that your business need. Along with the design part, we keep in mind the SEO part and as a responsible SEO company in Africa, we develop all our websites to be search engine friendly. Our SEO specialists in Africa ensure that you gain the maximum exposure for your business.

The phrase ‘web design’ covers a multitude of sins… and where the vast majority of so-called web design companies are concerned the use of the word ‘sins’ is justified! Web design as Infinity360 Media East Africa understands it includes a variety of aspects that together contribute to make something useful from a business point of view. The main pieces of the web design jigsaw puzzle are:

1. Domain name Registration in Africa

The address of the online face of your African business, i.e.! We can advise you regarding the choice of the domain name and also the availability of your preferred choices. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need domain registration services anywhere in Africa.

2. Email Services in Africa

We can provide you with email addresses to go with your domain name that is in line with your branding for your African company i.e. We also provide you with the facility to check your email online from anywhere as well as via an email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express. If you are an African business, having a personalised email account is very important for your business and your reputation.

3. Web hosting in Africa

This is the part of the web where your website sits, we can provide as much or as little space as you need and all our web hosting is ‘business strength’ which means your potential customers won’t be left hanging waiting for your website to download. We offer and recommend the best hosting services for your African company, brand or personal website, and email services.

4. Website Design in Africa

This is your online shopfront – your chance to tell your customers about your products and services and to encourage further contact from potential customers. It is crucial that you present your business appropriately and in a way that is in line with your market and in any case, a shoddy-looking website is worse than no website at all! There are countless website designers in Africa. We can step up and make your website design project a success. Contact us today and let us know which country are you representing. We offer website design services to businesses and brands from these companies listed below.

Web Design Africa

The African Countries that we offer Web Design Services

We offer our services in many African Countries but our network is more established in these countries below.

Web design in Kenya in East Africa

Kenya is located in the East African region. It is the most prominent country in the region and since we have a client base in Nairobi, it makes sit easier for us to serve our Kenyan website and SEO marketing, clients. Read more about our Kenya SEO services.

Web design Uganda in East Africa

We serve Ugandan clients but mostly clients from Kampala, the capital city of this East African country that is part of the East African Community. If you are in need of website design services in Uganda, read here to learn more.

Web Design in Tanzania in East Africa

We have big love for Tanzania, most of our clients from Africa that require website design services, logo design services, and search engine optimization services come from Tanzania. Read more about web design in Tanzania.

The other African countries that we offer website design services in the South African region and East Africa include:-

5. Search engine optimization in Africa

Search engine optimization in AfricaTo get new potential customers to visit your site you will always benefit from having your site search engine optimized (to make it rank higher in search results) and then obviously submitted to the main search engines and directories in Africa and other countries of the world. Among the countries that we offer SEO services in the African continent include.

6. Additional services –

There is a variety of other web services we can offer ranging from website statistics so you can monitor visits to your site and where they come from right through to search engine marketing campaigns to generate more traffic to your website and more business for you.

If you need to get your website designed in Africa or if you need Search Engine Optimization Services, contact us today.