We care about our Zambia website design clients with emphasis is on quality, which means care and attention to detail

Our focus is on helping your business in Lusaka, Zambia to make more money – by giving your visitors the best possible experience of the services on offer, in a way that is so easy to use they won’t be aware of any of the behind-the-scenes “nuts and bolts”.

You know that first impressions are vital to convert the highest number of prospects into cash-paying customers. Our unique-to-you custom website designs are reasonably priced – but we never sacrifice quality or cut corners. Contact us now for more information, or to get a no-obligation quote.

Be seen by a fast loading website

Many sites designed in Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, and Kabwe Zambia load so slowly that potential customers end up clicking away before they’ve had a chance to see what’s being offered. Your visitors have so many things grabbing their attention – you need to catch and keep their interest straight away, or lose them forever. Our sites are produced using fast-loading software, so you won’t lose business when your customers are in a hurry.

Be noticed by our unique designs

The internet seems to change almost every day, and you need to be sure your website is in tune with current tastes, without following fashion trends slavishly. At TheWebsiteDesign.Co.UK, we’re always in touch with what’s best about current design, incorporating ideas that are helpful, and ignoring the “overnight sensations”. You give us your vision, we’ll nurse it through to maturity, keeping you in the picture all along the way until we have turned your dream into reality.

Be there for all your customers by our built-in accessibility features

In Lusaka, Zambia, you’re legally required to provide full accessibility – and this doesn’t just apply to Zambia Safari business websites. There’s a high proportion of disabled and physically challenged users in the online community, many of whom prefer to shop online – but the pages they visit aren’t always set up to give them full access, especially if they are visually impaired. Infinity360 Media East Africa works hard to make sure your website is fully accessible to screen readers and can be resized by those that just need a little extra help.

Be hassle-free by our low-cost hosting package in Zambia

You don’t need to worry about dealing with those strange geeky people with their own private language who run servers. We speak geek, and our web mastering and hosting package starts at only $50 a year, for peace of mind without squeezing your bank balance, so you can concentrate on your business in Zambia.

How much does website design cost in Zambia?

We charge from as low as $250 for a basic website design for our clients in Lusaka, Zambia, or anywhere within Zambia. The website design prices for our Zambia clients cover a 5-15 page website.

Be expandable by our modular structure

All our websites are created using a modular structure, so they have plenty of room for expansion, and new pages can be added at a minimal cost.

Be understood by translation into other languages

Were you aware that more people speak Spanish as their first language than English? And almost three times as many speak Chinese. Our websites’ modular structure means we can produce websites that can be viewed in a variety of languages – even on computers that have scripts disabled. Contact us now for more information.

Be online fast

The sooner you place your order, the sooner your site will be online. If it’s a small site, we can probably get you up and running within two or three weeks (depending on the number of pages, and current workload) so long as we have all the information and materials we need at the start of the job. Sometimes we can work quicker than that, but we don’t like to cut corners, because we want all our sites to be top quality. You should expect to pay a bit more for rush service.

If it’s something more complex, or a dynamic site, we’d have to wait until we saw the full specification before we could set a timescale. In particular, any work that needs out-sourcing, such as translations, would lengthen the time needed to complete the job.

Please keep in touch if you need your website designed in Lusaka, Zambia and we will give you a free quote.