Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application development framework based on Ruby, a dynamic and object-oriented computer programming language. Ruby on Rails incorporates most Software engineering concepts like Model-View-Control (MVC), Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) and Convention over configuration patterns are best deployed. Ruby on Rails technology is easy to use and highly adaptable providing solutions for the complex needs of an enterprise from legacy to razor-sharp.

Rails Framework for Developing Robust Web Applications

Ruby on Rails development framework developer can best manage his time. For example, Rails is fully capable of handling database communications, facilitates a template system for handling layouts, page sections. It can simultaneously address multiple set of plugin and process Ajax updates that empowers diverse features implementation practically easy.

For developers, awkward stuff that eats up most of their valuable time is dynamically reduced in the Ruby on Rails framework due to its re-usable options. Given the high degree of scalability and full-stack options, Ruby on Rails have become a viable option website indulged in maintaining huge databases.

Kenya & Tanzania Ruby on Rails Expertise

Our Ruby on Rails developers in Kenya and Tanzania are trained and skilled in Ruby 1.8.5+, 1.9+ and Java Scripting, which enriches performance effect in mobile applications. We are using Ruby on Rails 1+, 2+, and 3+ and the libraries including JQuery and Prototype to develop robust and reliable web applications.

Infinity360 Media has deployed some of the industry’s best Ruby on Rails developers providing you with a range of Ruby on Rails development services to select from. We are following agile software development methodologies such as Extreme Programming and Scrum. Infinity360 Media will help you cut development cost by introducing MVC frameworks offered by Rails, which enhances the responsiveness of your app over mobile, web and other mediums.