Logo design and corporate branding in Uganda are intertwined animals. Whether your Uganda-based business is large or small you know that logo design/branding is particularly important. First impressions do count and potential customers can be ruthlessly efficient in their decisions to click the back button on their browser and go to the next site if they do not like what they are looking at. A site’s ‘look and feel’ as well as its ease of use and relevance play a massive role in enticing your would-be customer to peruse your website a little while longer and maybe get in touch with you. We help to convert site visitors into customers for you – isn’t that what a website is really for?

Our design team all over the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania is amply skilled and abundantly able to lead you painlessly through the logo design process to ensure that you quickly and inexpensively get a logo that not only looks great but also suits your business in Uganda. Once the logo is completed it will be ready for use on your website and on your company stationery as well as on any other marketing literature you want. One other point, the logo won’t be generated from a template either – it will be totally unique!

How much does it cost to design a logo in Kampala, Uganda?

Our logo prices begin from as little as 158,903 Uganda Shillings for a simple logo or even more depending on the features of the logo.