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No business can run without a strategy and its recognition, brand & identity in the corporate world, each of these is provided by a Professional Corporate Business Logo design which needs to be appealing to the public but also needs to have a long-lasting impact on them. The logo needs to convey the message which the corporation wants to tell to its customers. Like, Have you ever thought why 7up brand has a Half Cut Lemon on its bottle & a Fido Dido character? Lemon is to tell the public that it has Lemon Taste & Fido Dido character projects that once we drink, we will be feeling the same as Fido, just like him, no worries and feeling light. This is just one successful example. There are numerous more, most untold and unheard.
Moreover, Corporate Logo Design is a specialty of Infinity360 Media East Africa, so if you are looking for a professional corporate logo design, then you have visited the right Design House. We are here to assist you with our best knowledge, we are sure you will love the designs created by our professional corporate Logo Designers.
Because our team does not just think of design projects as a job, but they prefer to play with them making them the best way they can. With struggles and challenges from accomplices. On the whole, the team is motivated to get the best results for clients, that don’t need any revisions.

How do we work?

Our support team first handles a load of requests and project revisions at the same time conversing with the clients. They forward the requests to the respective team members. Like the requests that are needed for revisions or any other new projects.
If the projects are new, they are first decided by the creative head and then distributed among the team members as per the decision.

Who can have a corporate business logo design?

Almost everyone, corporate logo design is a design that can work with any company. Or should I say a design that is made according to the customer’s need by our professional corporate logo design team? Because we first ask the clients a lot of questions that provide us the related information for designing the logo in the best way for the respective client.

How much does it cost to design a logo for a corporate business?

It would cost you roughly 80,000 Tanzanian shillings of 4,000 Kenya Shillings to design a logo in Tanzania and Kenya respectively. Alternatively, it would cost you from $50 to design a logo if you are located outside East Africa.

Type of Logos we can design

So, why don’t you try us to design your corporate logos?

If you have just started your corporation and are looking for some affordable but quality corporate business logos. Just give us a call or contact us by using our site.