Social Media in Kenya & Tanzania is Growing

Social media East Africa

When things were simpler, marketing was straightforward. People required your product or service, so they contacted you, and that was the end of it. However, things became competitive and congested after that. Companies competed for the attention of their audience since brand choices were no longer evident. Print, outdoor, and television were the go-to marketing channels. Small and medium firms, on the other hand, struggled to make an impact because these were so expensive so quickly. It was just a matter of time before something more accessible, such as Kenya or Tanzania’s social media, shifted the game.

The goal of social networks is to bring people together. There’s always a way to find something interesting that you’ll care about, whether it’s through your family, workplace, or like-minded people.

Businesses advertise here because it puts their message in front of new customers, which makes sense. Despite the fact that it can grow busy, social media allows for dialed-in targeting that was previously unimaginable.

Then came lockdown, and the entire world came to a halt. The majority of workers had to adjust to a new method of working, and some were even laid off. But there is an opportunity for every adversity, and social media marketing took full advantage of this chance. We’re excited to delve into some crucial facts from the last year about social media in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as forecast future trends.

East Africa’s Social Media

The Increasing Number of Kenyan Users

According to surveys from 2020, the average Kenyan spent 3 hours and 32 minutes each day on social media. This is a 27 percent rise over 2017 and places Kenya among the top quartile of social media users, a number way above the neighbouring Tanzanian online users.

As Kenya moves through various phases of lockdown, this surge has already leveled out. As a result, current data can safely be regarded as the new normal. There’s a good chance that a higher level of social media usage has been ingrained in Kenyans’ routines.

In Tanzania, Facebook reigns supreme.

Despite some rivals in crucial demographics, such as Instagram, Clubhouse, and Tik Tok, Facebook still has the majority of members, keeping its title as the most popular social network on the planet. This isn’t to argue that your whole marketing strategy should revolve around Facebook. To adjust your strategy and guarantee you’re on the proper platforms, you’ll need a deep understanding of your target demographic.

Social Media is Still Growing

In a survey of business leaders, 93% said they are continuing to transfer their e-commerce marketing strategy to social media.

This is because consistent social media marketing techniques connect the dots for consumers and give a seamless journey from discovery to purchase that would be impossible to duplicate on any other channel. Due to the positive results, 91 percent of these executives said they would increase their social media spending budget, and 89 percent said that a company that did not invest in social media marketing would be left behind.

The Social Media User in the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania Is Always Changing

Despite some bumps in user trust due to privacy concerns, the average social media user is getting more trusting of the platforms on which they interact.

As a result, social media platforms have evolved from simply being a place to keep in touch with friends and family to become a place where users feel at ease discovering new brands and products, searching for information during their research phases, and ultimately purchasing and recommending products through it. In fact, for many consumers seeking information before making a purchase choice, customer reviews have become an important component of the jigsaw, putting a premium on how these brand profiles are maintained and communities are handled. 77 percent of social media users anticipate a response to their customer service inquiry in less than 24 hours, a standard that unfortunately many in-house communication teams fail to reach.

So, where do you stand now? People are using social media in greater numbers and spending more time on it. Businesses like yours want to strengthen their social media marketing efforts in order to better interact with these audiences and put their products and services in front of potential consumers’ thoughts. There’s always something more you might be doing, and that’s where Infinity360 comes in.

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Our creative staff excels at developing compelling content, and our community managers are on hand to moderate discussions and guide people toward purchasing decisions.

Overall, we’re the right partner for you while you figure out how to use social media to achieve your company objectives. Take a peek at some of the services provided by our social media team in Nairobi -Kenya or, Arusha, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.