Windows Mobile OS is one of the largest deployed Operating Systems on mobile and handheld devices. Our experienced team at Infinity360 Media East Africa has the expertise in developing windows mobile Applications in C++ and C#. We have experience in developing applications that perfectly sync with Microsoft applications to games that run on windows mobile.

Basically Windows Mobile gives all visual effects on its screen. Infinity360 Media East Africa Windows Mobile Application Developers have solid experience in developing apps for windows mobile which offer specific features needed by clients. In developing bespoke windows mobile apps our developers use .Net Compact Framework, J2ME, C++, Visual Studio, Windows Mobile SDK, and SQL-CE database to fulfill client requirements.

Our windows mobile application development team have enough experience of programming in the touch screen to developing applications that use the accelerometer in the Windows Mobile Phones. Leveraging our experience on the Windows DirectX platform, we provide complete 3D solutions for applications and games using the DirectX and DirectDraw APIs on the Windows Mobile Platform. Combined with this the Windows Live platform offers a complete application feature set that leverages the GPS and Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps API.

Our Windows Mobile Apps Developers test runs each feature of the application to deliver robust solutions that clients actually need. If you are planning to develop a Windows Mobile application, Infinity360 Media East Africa is definitely one of the best options for you. We have a highly experienced team of Windows Mobile developers who have worked on several successful mobile applications.

Windows Mobile Developers in Kenya & Tanzania

Our naturally talented designers in Tanzania ( Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza) and Nairobi, Kenya, deliver one of the best user interfaces. Our Windows Mobile developers are suitably supported by our graphic designers, Quality Analysts, and Project managers and together as a team we deliver the best in class Windows Mobile applications.

Feel free to contact us now or to discuss your concept and ideas about Windows Mobile apps development and let our analysts present you a pragmatic solution right away….!