SEO for Tanzania websites has been our strong point, our forte and our dedication to creating an effective Search Engine Marketing strategy for your business requires an intimate knowledge and understanding of your potential customer’s journey on the Web. For safari and tourism website SEO for example, as travellers search your safari website online, which sites are the most likely to encounter on their journey?  Do customers begin their search with travel websites or do they use search engines to find the information they need?  If they use search engines, what sites will they encounter?  Where is your competition positioned on this journey?   The challenge of digitally marketing your business on the Internet is sorting through the vast number of promotional opportunities and selecting the best tools to promote your site with the highest return.

Infinity360 Media East Africa specializes in promoting safari and travel websites on the Internet and we’ve spent several years researching and studying the search patterns of travel seekers.  Our primary job is to study and understand how your customers search the Web and create detailed Internet marketing plans based on our research of your target markets.

How much does SEO cost in Tanzania?

SEO costs from 500,000 Tanzanian shillings and above depending on the SEO plan you choose. Our Search Engine optimization costs for Tanzania clients can be customized to meet the marketing objectives and financial needs of both large and small businesses. These strategies will:

  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce traditional print advertising expenses
  • Increase occupancy during the off-season
  • Enhance brand awareness and exposure
  • Create a distinct competitive advantage in your market
  • Maximize your return on investment in your website

We provide two levels of marketing services: Our ClickStart plan focuses specifically on search engine submission and marketing, while our PowerClick plan is a comprehensive Internet marketing plan for your website.

ClickStart $250
Search Engine Submission
PowerClick $600
Internet Marketing Plan

•  Website Content & Design Audit
•  Keyword Research
•  Search Engine Optimization
•  Search Engine Submission
•  Pay-Per-Click Marketing  
•  Website Evaluation 
•  Keyword Research
•  Search Engine Optimization 
•  Search Engine Submission
•  Pay-Per-Click Marketing
•  Competitive Marketing Inventory
•  Internet Marketing Plan

The same way we cater to our web design clients all over Tanzania is the same way we offer our Search Engine optimization services in Tanzania with a great client connection in the following towns and cities.

SEO Arusha

To be honest most of our Search Engine optimization clients in Arusha, Tanzania has mostly been from the safari, tourism, camps, and hotel industry. There has been a growing demand for foreign clients searching for travel services in Tanzania. From safaris to Mount Kilimanjaro, Maasai cultural tours, and Zanzibar, we know the main keywords at our fingertips. Let us rocket propel your tourism website with our SEO packages and eventually boost your sales.

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SEO Dar es Salaam

We have attractive SEO costs for our Dar es Salaam Search Engine Optimization clients that are affordable and effective in the major search engines like google, bing, duck duck go go, Weibo and Yandex. Contact us today to get your Dar es Salaam based business on top of the Search Engines.

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SEO Dodoma, Moshi, Mwanza

Our clientele also features Search Engine Optimization of Mwanza, Moshi town, and the capital city of Tanzania, Dodoma. Dodoma is a fast-growing city in Africa and we will be happy to work with you and grow together with our special Dodoma SEO packages and competitive costs. We also have amazing offers for SEO clients in Moshi town, Kilimanjaro, and Mwanza, the Rock City.

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Search Engine Optimization in Tanzania, in-depth

Website Content & Design Audit

More often than not, your website will be the only link between your business and a prospective customer.  Consequently, your website should provide customers with the information they need to make a buying decision online and convert them from browsers into buyers.

Service:  Using a seven-point audit process, Infinity360 Media East Africa‘s design team will evaluate your website and provide you with a detailed list of recommended changes.

Keyword Research

One of the key success factors to online visibility is understanding how your customers search the Internet.  Understanding what keywords or search phrases your prospective customers use in the leading search engines and optimizing your site accordingly are critical to reaching your desired target markets.

Service:  Infinity360 Media East Africa utilizes multiple keyword research tools to identify the most popular and relevant keywords used by your target markets online.

Search Engines Used in Tanzania

Different search engines will rank your site based on different criteria.  Understanding how these ranking formulas work and re-designing your site accordingly can dramatically improve your search engine rankings in the leading spider-based search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Weibo, Yandex, etc).

Service:  Infinity360 Media East Africa will analyze your website and provide you with a list of 50+ search engine optimization recommendations.

Search Engine Submission

According to industry research, approximately ninety per cent of all Web surfers use search engines to find new websites.  Infinity360 Media East Africa will ensure that your site has been indexed by all of the top search engines and directories and ensure that it is listed in the correct categories with the correct title and description.

Service:  Our search engine consultants will analyze your position in the top search engines and submit your site to achieve total market saturation.

Pay Per Click Marketing in Tanzania 

The world of higher search engine ranking has evolved into a “pay for play” model in which most of the leading search engines now list paid search results, known as “sponsored listings” above their own “natural” search listings.  This shift in the industry has created an incredible new marketing channel for travel and lodging businesses that can make the difference between your success and failure online.

Example:  At a cost of 10 cents per click through to your site, one hundred unique visitors costs just ten dollars.  You are only charged when someone actually visits your site, and you can set a limit based on your monthly marketing budget.

Service:  Infinity360 Media East Africa will register your site in the top pay-per-click search engines and help you bid on the most relevant and popular keyword phrases for your business and your budget.

Digital Online Marketing 

Whether you are the leader in your market or working to gain leadership, online competitive intelligence is critical to your success.  Just as competitors in the brick and mortar world often set up shop beside one another, the same strategy has proven successful in the online world.

Service:  Infinity360 Media East Africa will provide you with a detailed matrix of where your competitors are located on the Web and help you close the “competitive marketing gap” by creating a parallel marketing strategy for your business.

Internet Marketing Plan for Tanzanians

While search engine dominance is critical to online success, it is certainly not the only factor.  Many consumers bypass search engines altogether and go directly to tourism and lodging sites to plan their own vacations online.  Marketing your site on these sites is a vital part of total market saturation and online dominance overall.

Using the most relevant keyword search phrases for your business, Infinity360 Media East Africa‘s research team will determine which tourism and lodging sites are best positioned for your target markets.  Our consultants will explore multiple Internet marketing channels and identify the most cost-effective digital marketing options for your business based on your budget and your sales goals.

While all of our digital marketing plans are unique, the majority of our online marketing plans include these components:

Link Building Campaign

Google and many of the other leading search engines use external link popularity as one of the most important measures of a site’s value.  Consequently, by increasing the number of sites that link to your site, you can improve your ranking in the leading search engines.  What makes link popularity even more important than ever is that Google’s search results are now used by AOL and Yahoo!, so if you rank well in Google, you also rank well in AOL and Yahoo! – two of the biggest portals on the Web.  In addition, to improve search engine rankings, external links deliver traffic to your site as well.

SEO Service:  Infinity360 Media East Africa will identify relevant, quality websites related to your business and manually request direct links to your website via email.  The size of your link building campaign will depend on your market and the number of quality, relevant links we can find.  Upon completion of your link building campaign, you will receive a spreadsheet of the sites we request links from, the email contact address, and the result of the link request.