Safaris in Tanzania Safari Supremacy WebsiteWe design safari and tourism websites that are concurrent with the demands of the ever-changing online trends with the belief that the future of the tourism industry will continue to move away from bricks and mortar travel agencies/booking services as these services are being replaced by the rapidly expanding and highly competitive online travel services business. Effective safari travel website design and online marketing strategies are going to become increasingly more critical, especially for small and medium Safari businesses in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Moshi, Mwanza, Mbeya, Dodoma – Tanzania and Nairobi, Mombasa- Kenya. We can also design websites for Zambia safaris in Southern Africa, Namibia safaris in the SADC region, Rwanda Gorilla Safari treks websites, Uganda safari and tours websites in the East African region as well as Botswana and Malawi safari websites

Are you looking to create an online presence in the safari & travel industry or to give your current safari website a much-needed redesign? If so, then what we are presenting on this website may be of interest to you and your organization.

Web Design for Safari Business

Website design for safari businesses should be at the forefront of everybody’s mind when forming a new safari and tourism company whether in East Africa’s Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, or anywhere else in the world. The internet or the world wide web already plays such a tremendously important part in business today that it should not be relegated to the status of an afterthought such as ‘oh we’ll have to get a web design done’. At Infinity360 Media East Africa, we believe that the company name should be reflected in the domain name and become an integral part of the organization; domain name availability ought to reflect on the eventual choice of the company name. Good web design is not just a matter of how ‘nice’ or attractive a website appears there are many crucial factors of design for websites that remain unseen to the casual observer or end-user.

Safari Website Look & Logos

Our graphic designers can supply the look that you require for your safari/travel website and logo while our programmers and search engine optimization specialists will ensure that your web design will be easy to use and most importantly will be prominent in the all-important search engine rankings. (We select our staff and associates not just in the East African Community but worldwide.) Too often the importance of the overall function of the eventual web design is overruled by the dictates of the marketing department or in the case of many small, and some large companies, the lack of knowledge of what constitutes good web design. Web design is an art form to many whereas we at Infinity360 Media East Africa believe that web design is a science.

Safari, Mount Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar Website Design

The web design requirements of the different categories of the tourism industry must be taken into consideration; safari websites differ from Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar Beach Holiday websites. It’s not really possible to buy ‘ready-made’ safari travel web design packages as the industry is so diverse and it would be impossible to cover the requirements and aspects of every business. A ‘tailor-made’ safari and travel web design carried out by a competent web design company, with due consideration given to search engine optimization, is essential to success in the marketplace.

How much does it cost to design a safari website?

Infinity360 Media East Africa is a much more structured discipline and packages can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ and modified to individual requirements within certain limits, these tend to be fairly basic simple display facilities. It will cost you from 600,000 Tsh or 27,000 Ksh to design a basic safari website in Tanzania and Kenya respectively.

Booking Engines for Safari Websites

Infinity360 Media East Africa will incorporate a complete booking management system for long and short-term travel reservations, holiday bookings, Itinerary sales, and route maps as well as straightforward activity and accommodation sales required to ensure usability for both buyers and sellers. Every itinerary will have a customized booking form that will show the safari price, availability, and group size.

Safari Website Samples

Since we set up this company, we have designed hundreds of website for various safari businesses. other than that we have done numerous search engine optimization for safari websites. Below are some of the no0table website design projects we have done for safari businesses.

  • www.
  • among many others

Why you need to redesign your safari website.

In the world of technology, nothing is as reliable as change.  If your website was designed more than two or three years ago, the look and feel of your site may already be outdated.  If your website does not convey the professional image that your business deserves, you may want to consider re-designing your tourism website.  Infinity360 Media East Africa specializes in re-designing websites to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your website as well as making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, search engine friendly, has a call to action functionality and is easy to navigate.

Infinity360 East Africa Media has begun diversifying to new clients both here in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Moshi, Mwanza, Mbeya in Tanzania, and Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu in Kenya and overseas. Our most recent campaigns have focused on holiday destinations and attracting visitors from across the globe to remote locations.

If you have an existing website that needs some attention we would be pleased to offer our services in safari travel website redesign. Perhaps you would like some help in SEO for your travel and safari website or to invest some efforts into search engine optimization (SEO). We will be please to assist in developing a new look and functionality for your tours and travel website and boosting your online effectiveness.

Why design your safari, Kilimanjaro, or Zanzibar website with us

This website is operated by Infinity360 Media East Africa. We are a low-cost website design alternative (our costs can translate to a 50-75% savings over companies in developed countries); we would be pleased to become your safari travel website redesign and marketing outsourcing partner. We have specialized expertise in Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda travel website design, developing safari, cultural, itineraries, mountain climbing, and beach travel content for the Internet, search engine optimization for safari websites, graphics design, and developing dynamic applications for safari and travel websites in East Africa.

Web Design for safari lodges, tented camps and resorts

We craft websites for safari lodges all over, Tanzania, Kenya, and other tour destinations in East Africa. We take into consideration every detail needed to make your accommodation business a success. We know a safari lodge and camp business requires an elaborate booking system, booking forms, maps to direct clients to your remote located property, and a photo gallery showcasing the most unique and comfortable rooms or chalets. As for beach resorts, we ensure that your website gets you enough traffic that will eventually convert to sales. On top of all these features, we ensure that your website also features some of the activities done around your property.

Safari lodge, Camps, and Resort Website samples

Below are the safari lodge websites, camps, resorts and some of the tourism-related accommodation websites that we have crafted in the past.


Features for Safari Websites

  • YouTube. Embed safari videos on your website. Show what’s special about your safari experience.
  • Book Now. Take online safari and accommodation bookings in real-time, anytime. Payments are secure and immediate. Your booking inventory updates at the same time.
  • Special Interests. Devote space to what’s special about your location, and itinerary options.
  • “Things To Do”
    This “Where To Play” page from is one of the best we have seen in safari and tourism websites.  When you drill down from the above site, each page gives you detailed information about each safari activity including pricing, contact information, and directions.  This information helps customers visualize their safari experience with your company.  The time it takes to develop this content is time well spent.

  • Local Weather: A link from is easy to add to your site.  You should also consider adding a table for average monthly temperatures for January through December.

  • Directions: Your customers will appreciate driving directions from their nearest major city.  Providing driving directions from all surrounding major national parks as well as a detailed map of your safari destination will add tremendous value to your safari website or lodge/camp site.

  • Maps. Create Google maps marked with itineraries and points of interest.
  • Email subscriptions. Collect email addresses to provide tips, news, and offers. Downloadable PDFs. Offer forms and brochures.
  • Frequently Asked Questions. Anticipate your guests’ questions and provide details to make their time with you more enjoyable.
  • Email subscriptions. Offer to email visitors with special offers for your tours. This is an excellent way to keep a conversation going with customers and prospects.
  • Online Booking: This site displays all homes clearly by location, number of bedrooms, price, and other amenities that may be important to clients.
  • Email Collection Strategy: Pop-Up Window to Collect Opt-In Customer Email Addresses
    One of the most effective ways to collect your customers’ email addresses is to create a pop-up window that is tied to a database.
  • Special Interests. Paint a picture of your service, providers, and destinations.
  • Online Conversations. Use your blog to describe safari experiences and destinations or national parks, and give your news and reviews.

Contact us today if you need your safari website designed or redesigned by us.