We offer social media optimization services in Kenya and Tanzania. Targeted, thoughtful, and measurable social media marketing is a powerful tool that empowers brands to publish content and foster and nurture customer relationships in the communities of interest where the target audience is active. The key to engaging with your social audience is to leverage relevant content that will bridge earned, paid, and branded properties.

At Infinity360 Media East Africa, we empower brands to activate their most important communities of interest by identifying the people, places, and content they need to engage to meet measurable business objectives. We conduct social audits, develop editorial calendars, and architect digital campaigns that encourage sharing, engagement, and feedback.

You Are Looking For

  • A way to track your social media presence. you are not sure how your mobile campaigns are performing and are ready to evaluate which platforms are most valuable for your business.
  • A profitable way to engage in social media. You want to use your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to create and foster relationships in both the long and short term.
  • Guidance on how to present your brand in the social space. You need a rulebook for everyone in your East Africa-based company to follow when engaging in social media.

What We Can Do For You

We want your business in Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma -Tanzania, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda to prosper online that is why we have put together many measures to achieve this and fine-tune your social media campaigns for better results and conversion.

Social Media Strategy & Competitor Analysis

Social Media AuditIt is important to gain insight into your own brand as well as your competitors and how you are faring in the social sphere. The deeper the understanding you have about this landscape, the more effective you can be in allocating resources to the areas of your social strategy most in need. Even if you’re confident that you have all your social ducks in a row, the significance of a Social Media Specialist’s insight on what it all means, as well as detailed recommendations for improvement, can be invaluable to your business.

Social Media Risk Mitigation

Social Media RiskThe risk of negative feedback on Social Media actually doing some serious damage to your brand is minimal however PR disasters occur most when complaints or customers are ignored or handled incorrectly. Knowing your team is able to deal with risk situations appropriately will free up your own time to focus on other high-priority tasks.

Social Media Conversation Calendar

Social CalendarUtilizing the insights found in the Social Media Strategy and Competitor Analysis module we marry these up with industry-specific data along with additional Australian and International research. We lay these out in a plan for your chosen social media channels, using our team’s extensive experience on what gets fans and followers not engaged and ultimately recruiting new customers for you, whilst at the same time increasing your reach and brand awareness!

Social Media Content Loading & Scheduling

Social Media ContentStep One is to get a plan in place for what you are going to share via Social Media. Step Two is to put that plan into action. For many though, time is not on your side and the reality is that other priorities demand your attention. Make sure you don’t miss out on valuable sales by forgetting to update your social media channels!

Social Media Marketing in Kenya & Tanzania

Many businesses in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and the whole of the East African Region have had an increasing demand for influencers and Social media managers. That is where we come in. We provide professional services for marketing, optimizing, and managing all manner of social media profiles.

Social Media Monitoring Moderation

Social Media PerformanceOnce you have increased your engagement levels and gained some followers it’s SO important that your interaction levels with them are maintained. It’s just too easy to miss opportunities, to miss sales, and to catch complaints before they do some damage to your brand or business.

End of Month Reporting & Analysis

Social Media MonitoringThis recurring, monthly reporting service helps you get right into the details of what’s really happening with your Social Media performance. We’ll highlight what’s working, what isn’t, why, and, more importantly, what you need to do about it to see some improvements for your social media pages in Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma -Tanzania, Nairobi – Kenya, Tanzania, Kampala – Uganda.