easy innkeeping
Affordable web-based Software for Hotels:
Easy InnKeeping Hotel, Motel and resort reservation software. Designed to help you manage your reservations, analyze your marketing and financial data, and interface with a real-time online reservation system for web site bookings. In addition, the hotel software will allow you to set up different sec
Hotel Software Modules : security levels for you staff, provides you with Audit Reports, and allow you to connect from any computer with internet access.
• Online Reservation software for bookings from your web site.
• Integrates with GDS / ADS and credit card processing
• Quick check-ins with Swipe Card Module
• Sales & Marketing module for managing sales communication with corporate accounts
• Streamline Call Accounting Interface
The hotel reservation software that is easy to use!
In comparison with other software for hotels, we pride ourselves on our products’ easy-to-use interface. You will find yourself spending less time learning our software and training staff; and more time enjoying the benefits of using Easy InnKeeping. With our free online training services, your management and staff can make effective use of your hotel software to manage your guests, housekeeping and reservations.
Free Online Training includes the following:
• Setup Training & Installation. Setup rooms, rates, taxes, amenities etc.
• Front Desk Activities. Make reservations, print and email confirmation letters, check-in guests, check-out guests, print receipts
• Back Office and staff management. Create staff logins, export reports to Excel, run night audit.
• Online Reservations. Review setting up photos, images and defining policies for online bookings.
• GDS Setup and Training. Once Easy InnKeeping room and rate setup is complete, data will be loaded into the GDS system and training and review of data is scheduled with the client.
• Upon approval, the GDS will be put online.
 Why Invest in a Web-Based System?
The fool proof way to make bookings online and keep property management inventory updated is to use a Web based Reservation Software.
New additions to the web based product such as eCRM (customer relationship management tools) and VOIP (Voice over internet phone) are in development.
Benefits of Web-Based over the old Desktop
Wherever you go – if you can connect to the internet, you can use the software. You can literally be anywhere and take reservations, process credit cards, send confirmation letters and manage and monitor your property information.
Its a cloud based system, which can be accessed via ipad/mobile devices.
No need to worry about local backups, hard drive crashes, and viruses. The web based installation is secures and safeguards.