There are thousands or maybe millions of web designers and programmers in East Africa and the world at large. Come to think of it its an imaginable how many web design companies in Tanzania, web design companies in Kenya or Southern Sudan or Uganda or Congo or Rwanda and most advertise on the Internet trying to persuade you to place your website design in their hands.

Which web designers should you choose?

What knowledge should your web designers have?

Why choose Infinity360 Web design as your Website Design Company?

Plenty of companies do website design and there are many web development companies based both in the East African region and the rest of the world. We shall hopefully convince you that Infinity360 Web design is the website design service you should choose. There is no denying that there are lots of web design companies in East Africa and whilst many are reputable, professional web designers, you still need to choose wisely. A good website design can be the cheapest and most effective marketing method for your company.

How to choose a good web design and SEO company

Custom website designers listen carefully to what you ware wanting and work towards meeting your specific business requirements.
Here are some of the attributes which we feel we have that will help you in making Infinity360 web design and SEO your first and only choice for a web designer.

Experience & what your Web designer should know

Though there are website design tools which are readily available to assist in the process of your website design, effective website design requires experience and an all round understanding of many diverse areas of web design and the internet.
This knowledge is required in order to ensure that your website is effective and is successful for you. We have over ten years experience in the many areas which will ultimately go towards ensuring that your website is a success. Web designs that really work!
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Design Skills and a Proven Track Record – Testimonials

We have been designing websites for over a decade and as such have a proven track record of creating impressive looking websites.. We know which elements of web design make for a successful website.
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Web Development – Programming Skills

Web Programming – It has become extremely common to use ‘scripts’ and web applications to enhance your website, making it more interactive and professional looking.
The current trend for online services means that more and more websites are being developed with advanced features such as user registration, members only features and other website searches. Many of these website design projects require additional web programming and database integration. Your website designer will need to be up to date with the latest web design and programming skills.
We have written all sorts of applications for clients in the past, ranging from calculators, application forms, photo galleries, product searches, through to full e-commerce systems with payment processing.
When we write custom applications for clients we make sure that the script fits in with their existing website design and that they are 100% happy with the functionality of the script. No matter how big or small website design project is we can assist. Infinity360 Web designis definately the web designer for you!

Web Hosting – Website Design and Hosting Company

Whilst we are quite happy to design websites or add databases to existing sites which are hosted with other companies, and often do – we should point out that as we are also do web hosting services – there are advantages if your website design and your web hosting are both placed with Infinity360 Web design.
If your website is hosted with another hosting company, issues such as how fast your website loads for your visitors and how often your website goes offline and what facilities your web host provides will all have an effect on the success of your website
Using our web hosting facilities, we ensure that your website is always available for your visitors, loads speedily and that should you require any interactive features which may require scripting facilities or secure server facilities – you will know that all will run smoothly and of course, perhaps more importantly for you – you will know thatInfinity360 Web design are the one point of contact to answer any queries you may have. Much easier than your having to ascertain whether your query needs addressing to your web designer or your web hosting company..

Search Engine Promotion – Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have your website designed – you will need to ensure that it gets noticed. You will want your website to appear in the search engines and you will want your website to appear in the top pages of the search engines when users are searching the Internet for websites relating to the search phrases or keywords in connection with your products or services.
All our websites are designed to be “search engine friendly” and since we continue to keep abreast of any ongoing changes which are regularly made by the search engines – who continually re jig their rules and algorithms – we can keep your website up to date by carrying out any necessary search engine optimisation to make sure that your website takes advantage of the search engine changes.
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Customer Care – Communication and Continuing Support

We take pride in giving our customers the kind of friendly, personalised service that we know you like. We have the technical knowledge necessary to assist you throughout both the development of your website, its implementation and and its continued Internet presence.
We realise that many clients and prospective clients prefer us to communicate without using technical terms. We feel it is extremely important that you can talk to your web designer to discuss your exact requirements in simple, layman terms and know that your website designer will always be there for your continued support. Whether you wish to discuss your website design, your email marketing, web hosting, your search engine promotion, your domain configuration or you email systems – we are always available.

Websites that are Easy to Update

If you are wanting a website that is easy to update – look no further. Out Content Management systems are tailored to suit your specific needs and are very easy to use. There are a choice of update options which are available and no technical skills are required. Whether you have a small website or a large ecommerce shopping catalogue you can use our Content management Systems.
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Marketing and Advertising Your Website

Once your website design is complete and your website is launched we can assist you with internet advertising. You may wish us to manage a Google Adwords Campaign for you to drive extra visitors to your website
Why Choose Our hotel Management System
We offer a Web-based version hosted on its secure and reliable servers. Benefits include remote access, easy maintenance and monthly payment plans. A Web-based property management system (PMS) with single-image inventory, operating traditional CRS and PMS functions from one central database.
Why Invest in a Web-Based System?

The fool proof way to make bookings online and keep property management inventory updated is to use a Web based Reservation Software.
New additions to the web based product such as eCRM (customer relationship management tools) and VOIP (Voice over internet phone) are in development.
Benefits of Web-Based over the old Desktop
Wherever you go – if you can connect to the internet, you can use the software. You can literally be anywhere and take reservations, process credit cards, send confirmation letters and manage and monitor your property information.
No need to worry about local backups, hard drive crashes, and viruses. The web based installation is secures and safeguards