Cajetan MwambaI am a passionate photographer who loves life. Capturing moments in time through the lens of a camera continues to remain a miracle to me. This will always entice my imagination, creativity and professionalism to deliver great pictures.

The key ingredient to my success is my passion, personality and perseverance. I believe in customer care and spend time on preparation through dialogue with my clients. I ensure that I deliver to satisfaction. I am both an artist and a realist, which allows me to be diverse in my approach. I couple urgency with quality and deliver products of high quality on time. Having lived in Nairobi, Kenya, Egypt, Moshi and Arusha, Tanzania, exposed me to the complexity of and respect for different cultures. People have become the spice of my life and the world the stage of my creations. Enjoy your visit to my website that will give you a little taste of my portfolio and ability. These places that I have lived are serious tourism hubs in Africa, they made me appreciate traveling, safaris, and working in natural environments, and capturing great moments of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Going back in time, way before photography, and think of landscapes as an example of a subject. Painters were either good or not. A good painter can also be characterized as someone that has a natural inclination to perfecting imagination through painting. Some are good at replicating scenes using oil water and color. The scene would look as close to reality as it could. Then there were those who could take the scene and, through imagination, make the lighting more imposing, the colors more variant or certain items in the scene more visually balanced than those in reality. After the invention of photography, it changed everything extending art into the ability to capture still images or a moment in time just like a painting but in less time.

Comparing photography with the aforesaid, some photographers can recreate a scene just as he/she had done as if he or she were painting, but with much more ease, other photographers could do the same but could add filters, use a spot meter and light to expose for subjective tones or some darkroom treatment to make the scene better. Hence creative artists were affected the most when photography arrived because, unless they had incredible darkroom skills, their photos would be too far from reality.

With the arrival of digital technology, effectively removing the use of darkroom skills and photo development technology from the process, the first can still do as they always have, the second can go wild with their imagination creative abilities. However, creativity using digital technology must also not be overdone so as to preserve the natural scenery of the image. A good digital photographer will always aim to preserve a good balance between the use of digital effects and the natural scenery of the image.

Because videography is an art form, the advent of the digital age substantially contributes to the convergence of traditional video and traditional photography allowing both to be used together through multimedia enhancements.

Photography may be classified in different mainstream styles, with different fields of specialization within each form, consisting of: