How to choose the best SEO expert in Tanzania and Kenya

Best SEO expert

First of all SEO experts in Tanzania and Kenya are scarcely genuine and the other large group of Search Engine Optimization experts mostly based in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Arusha are not, unfortunately. So begs the question, how do you find and hire the best SEO agency or provider in Tanzania, Kenya, or within the East African region?

First, you will need to check if an SEO portfolio if present, the richer the better, speaks itself.

If you identify in your discussion “we will use meta titles and meta keywords that are magic and will raise you to the sky”, it is clear that SEO experience is poor. Titles are for sure important, but they are one of the tens of factors that matter for better positioning. If the target for search engine optimization is Google, then meta keywords do NOT even enter into the discussion. Using the meta keywords tag in this case is useless and even brings a small disadvantage. Google has officially announced that they do not use meta keywords at all any longer.

On the other hand, if the discussion meets optimizing the content and HTML code for some keywords of a group of keywords then it confirms a plus in the SEO provider’s experience.

Here are the best SEO tips for your website:

We have included some of the basic Search Engine Optimization practices for our Kenya SEO clients as well as our clients from all over East Africa, including Tanzania.

Optimizing content

This refers to arrange the title, description, subtitles, images, etc., rewriting some parts of the content in order to highlight some words or group of words and keep the original meaning of the message for the visitors but at the same time to score the best with search engines in acceptable parameters at those characteristics: density, prominence, frequency, style, and proximity.

Optimizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Keeping it short this can be done by using techniques to minify them or/and compress them in order to reduce loading time.

For HTML code advanced techniques can be used to reduce the number of tags which leads to faster loading and faster rendering time.

Speaking of CSS code, here tens or hundreds of techniques can be applied, depending on the website in case, which is directly linked to the HTML document.

Optimizing MySQL

Here to depending on the case, if advanced-cache techniques are not implemented, web pages that serve dynamic content from databases need to ask each time the database which content to be displayed. In most cases, the download of the HTML document doesn’t start unless a partial or complete response has been received from the server.

After all is said and done, your website should have great content, should be loading as fast as possible, and should be optimized for mobile phones as well as computers and tablets.

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