SEO and Website Designing, is it the same thing?

web design SEO difference

Short introduction in optimization terms, what does it mean and what doesn’t, how to make a difference between a beginner SEO provider and a PRO SEO Provider.

Search engine optimization SEO, Google first page

What does it mean to optimize a website for search engines?

SEO – search engine optimization – is the process of structuring the HTML code and its logic in order to be as friendly as possible with search engines, especially for Google. It’s simple if we take two web pages with similar content and relevance, which belong to different websites, the winner will be the one with a better search engine optimization (it will be positioned higher than the other).

What SEO doesn’t mean!

SEO or search engine optimization for sure does NOT mean web design, website design, website development, or any similar term. It also does NOT mean website promotion by submitting the website to web directories or promoting it into social networks or blogs.

Web design or web site design London, what is the default understanding, what does it really means, recommendations and other useful information to help understand the web design term

Web design or web design gives meaning – usually for people with less knowledge or novice internet users – web site development which consists in the conception of the structure, making the graphical user interface, coding the web site and the input of data in a variety of texts, images, audio, video or others.

In the case above, the required steps for developing a web site are:

  • establishing the ideas
  • shaping visual elements and structuring the web site
  • Coding the web pages in (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Action Script, etc.)
  • verify the web site functionality
  • the adjustment of sections that do not fit the purpose
  • loading the web site on the internet
  • last retouches, according to the client specifications or available time table