SEO Friendly Content Writing – Get the Best Out Of It

SEO friendly content

Writing SEO friendly content is what most websites and online writers are talking about these days. ‘Content is King’ is a popular adage when it gets to selling your products and services on the World Wide Web. As the Internet gets more and more popular with people of all ages regardless of geographical barriers, SEO friendly content writing is becoming all the more central and vital to website owners, online business managers, and visitors alike.

Most visitors use search engines to arrive at a particular website. Despite the misconceptions prevalent, it is not hard to write such content. One of the foremost considerations while writing SEO friendly content is that as humans, you are writing for humans, and not just for search engines. Though attention must be paid at how search engines view content.

Most content is written for websites, and writing search engine friendly content means that content which is friendly to search engines but makes sense to readers at the same time. All the same, content needs to be understood by the human mind, so content that consists of too much optimization will sound very mechanical.

Writing search engine friendly content means giving search engines a way of deciphering the content written for them. After all, search engines work on sophisticated software that makes it easy of them to decipher what is written and then rank it accordingly. Thus, it is necessary to write content that is relevant to the topic rather than making the content too mechanical concerning the only optimization.

A good way to start writing such content is to include keywords at the beginning of the article or write-up and sprinkling keywords throughout the remainder of the content. However, it is not the right idea to fool the search engines with over-optimized content. This can result in a drop in your rankings, and also could lead to stricter action like banning of your site. Another good idea worth following is to use bullet points wherever necessary instead of using plain paragraphs wherever necessary.

SEO friendly content writing also means using your keywords many times in the article yet in a strategic manner. Too many keywords can over-optimize an article and make it sound too placid while including a lesser number of keywords can also cause the search engines to skip your article altogether. One good suggestion is to include the keyword once in the heading and in the subheading, twice in the first paragraph and once every alternate paragraph. It is also necessary to include links in the document and make sure that your keywords become part of your links.

It is also recommended that you include keywords in the header tags, alt tags, meta tags and other HTML tags. It is also suggested that you use other formatting features like bold and italics in your document for easy reading. This will help people read it with relative ease. However, don’t make your keywords too obvious to visitors. If they are able to make out what keywords you have used without reading the article, then in all probability you have overdone it.

Another good place for keywords is the title text on images and even links. These can be read by search engines and thus can help in increasing the relevancy of your article and help improve its rankings. Finally, keep your article or document short and relevant. Providing too much information or too little information may prove detrimental to your objective.