Tesla Bot: What we know of the Human Sized Robot

Tesla Bot, human sized robot

So Tesla just announced a whole human-sized, human-shaped robot going by the name Tesla Bot. This is not a drill, this is a thing that really just happened and a lot of things come to mind. Tesla is a car company that is strongly coming out as a software company as well mainly because of their software advantage and all the things that they do with the software on their cars like the self-driving cars project which is one of the most advanced in the world. This is because of high-resolution mapping or predetermined routes also because Tesla’s are using their sensors and are mostly cameras at this point and constantly scanning their environments and making thousands of little on the fly decisions in real-time and then all of the miles driven with this autopilot in action is used to upload the data back to their servers and train the whole rest of the fleet so if this holds, this whole system is constantly self-improving things. The bigger it gets the faster it can continue to get as this requires a lot of computing, a lot of horsepower, a lot of smart code and that’s what Tesla’s been really good at especially in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) part in that their neural networks have evolved over time and with their focus being on making autonomous cars that rely on computer vision and their synthetic visual cortex which is specifically made to train Tesla’s full self-driving algorithms based on driving footage even faster and they’re basically gonna be replacing all of their GPS. Tesla are also planning to make a supercomputer designed to do computer vision machine learning.

Tesla Bot Features

The newly unveiled Tesla robot called the Tesla bot is a 5 foot, 825 pound, sleek-looking, black and white, human-shaped robot with a face screen.  The robot itself has a pair of hands with full 10 fingers, a pair of feet but with no toes.

How does the Tesla Bot move?

In terms of mobility, the Tesla Bot is pretty slow has a Max speed of 5 miles per hour meaning you can outrun it. It can lift things up to about 10 pounds with the arms extended. The Tesla Bot will be able to do tasks that are repetitive, dangerous, or boring so that humans don’t have to do them.

When can I buy the Tesla Bot?

Tesla Bot probably won’t exist anytime soon as they said on stage there would be a prototype maybe next year, even if they do come out with it Tesla right now is training their self-driving computers with billions and billions of miles of self-driving happening on the streets today right so the best way to get as much data about that as possible is to have it go out in the real world and do it it’s kind of genius actually that they’re making so many cars and people are really using it for them but now they’re gonna be asking for a humanoid robot to go out and navigate the entire rest of the real world

What colors are the Tesla Bots?

it is unclear what other colors the Tesla Bot will come in but the one that was showcased, or talked about came in matte black and white. Below is what we really know so far of the Tesla Bot.

  • Elon Musk showed off a few slides while discussing the Tesla Bot at the end of the Tesla AI Day event.
  • The Musk said that the goal is to have a prototype of the robot ready to go next year.
  • According to Tesla’s CEO, the Tesla Bot will make use of the company’s self-driving car software to navigate city streets.
  • This could allow it to perform tasks, such as grocery shopping.
  • He also touched on the idea of robots replacing physical laborers.
  • Of course, Musk does nothing without a little flair, which is why he was joined on stage by a dancing Tesla Bot.
  • Okay, it wasn’t actually a robot but was instead a person in a suit made to look like one.
  • Still, the point stands that Musk really is planning for this Tesla Bot to mimic human movement.
  • However, that doesn’t mean robot overlords are going to take over.
  • Elon Musk confirmed that the average person would be able to outrun and overpower a Tesla Bot.
  • So at least there’s that reassurance that the apocalypse is still a further way off.