Why every tourism and safari business needs a website

Kenya Tanzania safari website

If you own a safari business with a physical location in any of these African countries ( Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Southern Sudan) and do not have a well-designed and consistently updated website where your customers can find you then you are losing money and may not even realize it. No matter what kind of tourism business you own that relates to safari, tours, travel, adventure, mountain climbing, or the hotel and accommodation industry, you absolutely must have a website where your customers can investigate who you are, what you sell, and why they should buy from you. In today’s world, the first place consumers go to research an impending purchase is the internet and if you are not there they will just go to someone else.

The first reason every business owner needs a website is that it provides the perfect vehicle to educate their potential customers. There is no better way to convince a potential customer to make a purchase, a reservation, or a booking than by showing them the benefits they will derive from the product/service and the easiest way to show these benefits is to instruct them in its use.

The next reason you must have a website for your safari travel and tourism business is it provides a convenient and comprehensive place to show what you have to offer, and it gives the tourism industry owners another way to sell their tours and activities as well as giving hotels, resorts, lodges, camp owners a chance to reach out to travellers around the world. People do not like gimmicks, though, and will be turned off if you do not deliver quality service, so to speak. Many website owners who operate physical or walk-in offices are under the wrong impression that if they show everything they offer, including pricing and any specials, then there is no reason for the website visitor to come to their office to make a booking. This is usually not the case since that visitor was likely to go elsewhere anyway. The owner can largely eliminate this problem, depending on the product, by selling online as well. By getting direct bookings from the search engines and referrals like TripAdvisor, safari bookings, TourRadar and Expedia, Viator or booking.com you can eliminate brokers and travel agents, maximizing profits and offering more affordable services.

A final reason a safari business owner needs to have a website is that it gives them a chance to show who they are. And, more importantly, it provides a way for the customer to get to know and trust the owner so they can feel safe enough to make a purchase.

In today’s economy, every business needs all the help it can get and one very big way every business can help itself is by having a well designed and consistently updated website that will show the customer what they offer, educate them on how they can benefit from the purchase, and finally, prove they can be trusted with the same. To get a custom and effective website at an affordable rate, please contact us today for a free quote.